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4 quick tips for successful summer display campaigns

It’s time for summer and people are more likely to think about holidays, wardrobe refreshes and what to do with the longer days.

It’s a time of increased consumer spending with people buying both what they need, and more because it’s time for summer sales. It goes without saying that ads should have bright colours and powerful visuals so they stay front-of-mind. Start by laying out your objectives in-line with your audience segments and which products you want to showcase. Make sure that all the ads in your campaign hit those goals so that you can take advantage of this key retail period.

Making digital ads doesn’t have to be complicated but keep in mind that “Google Display Network has 24,170,462,759 impressions per day”, that means that there are trillions of ads served every single day. It’s a very busy ad landscape, so make sure that you’re making high impact ads and hitting your goals.

Focus on: Brand Awareness

Fluid Ads ad-html5-brand-awareness

Digital ads are a great way of increasing brand awareness; “comScore says the Google Display Network reaches 90% of Internet users worldwide”. Your ads can help your traffic tremendously if created properly.

You have a unique brand style and image that you want to consistently portray. You have invested in building up your brand and product lines and it’s important that your ads don’t detract from this. You don’t need to fit in lots of messaging or overcomplicate the ad, keep it clean and let your brand name do the talking and provide a relevant call to action.

Messy ads without brand colours, font styles and a different tone of voice will lead to ads that firstly, aren’t very good and secondly, won’t immediately resonate with viewers in the few seconds that the will view them.


Focus on: Offers

Fluid Ads thai-excursions-html5-ad

“The average person is served over 1,700 banner ads per month but only half of them are ever viewed.”

When you have invested the time and resources in your ad concept, beautiful photography, checked your placement strategies and paid for the best positioning, you still have to make the most of your ad by really giving viewers a strong reason to click and interact with it. Clear offers and discounts will add that incentive to click and find out more. In a world of heavy competition and increasingly digital savvy consumers, people expect discounts and will search around for them. Make sure that you stay front-of-mind with a great discount, clearly worded along with a captivating image.

Focus on: Visuals

Fluid Ads sunglasses-html5-ad

What is more impactful than a strong image with great, vibrant colours that reflect the season and your products immediately? People are shopping around, planning their summer holidays and purchases. Some know exactly what they want but others want to be inspired by trends or role models. Use your ad to influence viewers with strong visuals that appeal to their objectives. Think about how to best showcase your products without trying to fit too much in one ad and also think about contrast colours that make your ad pop. Call-to-action (CTA) buttons that have different colours demonstrated a click rate of 4.1% while those that are the same colour as the rest only had a 2.1% click rate

Focus on: Details

Fluid Ads car-rental-html5-ad

When viewers know exactly what they want, it’s important to communicate what differentiates you from your competitors right away. It’s a very busy digital landscape and when viewers are researching something specific, it’s a great sign that they are looking to make a purchase soon. Strike at the right time and with the right details that sets you apart. Keep it clear and concise but make sure you’re showcasing your strengths immediately. Audiences exposed to display advertising are more engaged with advertisers’ sites –staying longer and consuming more pages and the more time they spend, the higher the chance that they will convert to a sale.

All these ads were made using the Fluid Ads ad platform, if you are a subscriber, then login and get started right away. If you’d like to find out more about how you can make great ads in minutes, talk to our team about our flexible options.

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