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Report everything

Everything you need to make the right strategic decisions and drive forward the performance of your business.

Track, monitor and measure results. Get the data that matters in an instant and tweak campaigns for ultimate performance

Understanding the performance of your digital display strategy secures the insight to boost ongoing and upcoming campaigns and enhance ROI in the process. 

Industry leading reporting all key metrics including impressions and clicks that feed back into future successful campaigns:

– Actual counts (no sampling) – Comparable to GA360 with real-time support

– Financial performance – CTR/CPC/CPM with full expenditure clarity 

– Referrer – Understand which domains display your Adsets and drive traffic

– Geo Breakdown – See where your audience lives and where to target future spend

– Many more  –  Deep B2B reports, Weather, Adset size, Click elements etc.

By reporting everything and digging deeper into the audiences that matter you’ll have the business intelligence to impact all aspects of your digital advertising strategy for the better. If your campaign is specifically targeting other businesses you can select our B2B viewing data option to allow for deeper reporting insights and a lead on prospecting.

Forget simple reporting focusing just on impressions and clicks. Real campaign intelligence comes from securing a 360° view of campaign performance. By mining insights from the demographics that engage with your ads, you’ll know which audiences convert and the creatives that work time and time again. 

Fluid Ads brings business intelligence to your fingertips for future success.

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