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Media Buying

Easily buy the right media space to showcase your ads with Fluid Ads

  • Multi-tag support
  • Accepts all currencies
  • Full budget control
  • Multiple Ad Server Support
  • Find the right places online to show your Ads
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What is Media Buying?

Media buying is the process of acquiring the most beneficial spaces and times to show your Ads through online real estate, this could be relevant websites or publishers.

Deliver Ads to your target audience online through Media buying. Once your Ad creative is finalised you want to make sure it’s going to be seen by the right audience to ensure campaigns reach their full potential.

Improve Ad performance

Find the right spaces to show your promotions. See how you can improve the performance of display campaigns by showing your Ads on real estate where the users are your target audience.

Visitors are more inclined to click through on Ads that are inline with their current state. Through Media buying you can ensure Ads are displayed in the right place for the right users to drive the traffic to your websites.

Media Buying with Fluid Ads

Fluid Ads lets you buy Media in platform to show your ads where they will resonate with your target audience the most to improve the performance of your display activity. This means you can build and deliver your campaigns from one platform.


With Fluid Ads you have access to Ad Tags that work anywhere. Tags automatically adapt to fill their surroundings, reformatting the creative to display the right size and shape of creative to the user.

Working across multiple devices and browsers. Any changes that need to be made or modified to a creative can be made in the Fluid Ads platform and instantly gets cascaded to the tag. Manage entire campaigns from one tag with the creative working across multiple servers and reporting as one.

Fluid Tags work with all the popular Ad servers and yet to find a tag we cannot support.


Fluid Ads have fully transparent monthly packages to support all budgets and meet the needs of your business. You know where every penny is being spent with media margins as low as 20% and CPM’s for non media spend as low as £0.15 CPM.

Fluid Ads can help with much more than Media Buying

Delivering to programmatic channels and publisher sites is part of what we do. The Fluid Ads platform is enriched with functionality to help deliver the full end-to-end digital advertising service in three other key areas:

  • Building Ads – Quickly create beautiful eye-catching ads from scratch or a template with our Ad Builder
  • Targeting Ads – Context, Keyword, Geofencing, Geolocation and Retargeting
  • Reporting – Industry leading reporting plus prospecting insights for B2B

That’s not all, Fluid Ads have a team of digital advertising consultants dedicated to businesses that require more support with their digital advertising.

One platform for all your digital advertising needs.

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