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Geotargeting Ads

Find and target the right users by their location

  • Focus your ad spend on locations you serve to reduce wasted spend
  • Personalise content to increase ad engagement
  • Improve users experience and promote offers and discounts to local audiences
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What are Geotargeting ads?

Geotargeting works by using information supplied by users (Opt-in location services) to determine the location of users in order to serve them with geographically relevant messaging.

Some digital advertising platforms such as the Fluid Ads platform and Google Ads allow users to specify a location, or multiple locations in which they want their ads to show.
How do Geotargeting Ads work?

Geotargeting Ad Campaigns with Fluid Ads

Geotargeting Ads gives the opportunity to target audiences that are known to occupy a specific geographic area. You can use a number of targeting methods, based on criteria such as address, zip code, or in line with a specific landmark – you are then able to put a radius around each.

It’s an ideal digital marketing tactic to reach as many people as possible in that specific location and increase the brand awareness of your advertising campaign across the board. This increases website traffic in the process and your advertising spend will only go towards targeting people within the defined area.

Geotargeting targets a geographic area based on criteria including Country, State or County, City and Town.

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Fluid Ads can do more than Geotargeting ads

Fluid Ads has a host of ad solutions to help create beautiful, on brand Ads and deliver them to the right people. We focus on delivering the full end-to-end digital ad campaign process through four key areas:

Building Ads – Use our production team for beautiful eye-catching ads or create your own from scratch or a template in our platform
Targeting Ads – With Contextual, Keyword Search, Geofencing, Geolocation and Retargeting options in platform you can target your ads to the right audience. Our managed service capabilities include social media along with all of the above.
Media Buying – We can easily buy the right media space to showcase your ads through a managed service or our ad platform
Reporting – Industry leading reporting plus prospecting insights for B2B

Our team of digital advertising experts are on hand to support your digital advertising campaigns or our self-serve platform allows you to do it yourself.

Fluid Ads caters to all businesses looking to improve their marketing ROI and digital advertising performance.

The full end-to-end digital advertising platform.

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