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Retargeting in the physical world

Target people who have visited your location

Target people who have visited your location

Market to people have visited a competitor's locations

Market to people have visited a competitor's locations

Pool users based on their real-world actions

Pool users based on their real-world actions

Fence Hopping

Define fences on a map and advertise to anyone who enters those fences.

We can track and follow people around the internet, even after they have left the fenced areas. Think of it as Retargeting, but using physical movements, instead of just digital.

The benefits are substantial, you can now focus marketing spend on people who are close to your business. There’s no wasted budget on targeting people who would never travel to your business, or don’t have an interest in visiting your business. You can now easily find customers based on their physical, real-world movements.

Pool by interest

Where people visit is a huge indicator of the type of people they are and their personas. Draw fences around known areas for better targeting.

A person visiting a:

Conference centre on the day of a digital marketing conference – A digital marketer.

Car dealership on the weekend – A person looking to buy a car.

Stadium on the evening of a concert – A music Fan

Competitor – A potential customer

Easily define areas

When a CSV of addresses is uploaded into our platform, you can set the radius to pool around those locations. These addresses could be your retail locations, your competitor’s locations, or even current customer addresses,. You can define where you want to target.

Our platform allows you to draw multiple, multi-polygon shapes, on a map – right down to 1-meter accuracy! Empowering you to accurately target car dealerships, restaurants, offices, stadiums or even bus stops!

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40% of smartphone users share their location to be notified of nearby offers and deals

“Campaigns that took a week now just take an hour.”

Zach Nossell, Digital Media Integration Lead, Woolworths

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