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Geofencing Ads

  • Find new customers
  • Retargeting in the physical world
  • Target people who have visited your location... or a competitor's
  • Pool users based on their real-world movements
  • Advanced location targeting for better ROI
  • An exceptional tactic for retail and behavioural targeting
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Find and target people in the physical world

Define fences on a map and advertise to anyone who enters those fences, even after they have left the area. It’s like Retargeting, but using physical movements.

Once users pass through the geofenced area in real-time, a digital marker is placed on them – this means you can start advertising, serving them with relevant ads on whatever device they’re using such as their smartphone or tablet.

Design your own locations with pinpoint accuracy

With Geofencing Ads you get to design your own location by drawing a digital “fence” around it. The fences can be drawn around whatever you want, here are some examples,

your locations
competitor locations
an event space
a conference arena
a sporting stadium

Geofencing advertising is the perfect tactic to target users more directly on mobile devices. As users pass through your fences in real time, you create custom audiences that match your targeting criteria. You’ve then got a raft of options to engage with these potential customers. You can boost real-world physical conversions in store or promote your website. Attendees that have been geofenced can be provided with specific messaging, while potential customers that left one of your stores can be enticed back with an offer.

Simply upload addresses or zip codes

Geotargeting Ads gives the opportunity to target audiences that are known to occupy a specific geographic area. You can use a number of targeting methods, based on criteria such as address, zip code, or in line with a specific landmark – you are then able to put a radius around each.

It’s an ideal digital marketing tactic to reach as many people as possible in that specific location and increase the brand awareness of your advertising campaign across the board. This increases website traffic in the process and your advertising spend will only go towards targeting people within the defined area.

The benefits...

A Geofencing Ads strategy focuses your marketing spend, hyper-targeting audiences at a local level. A good example is creating opportunity by targeting just people who are close to your business, driving immediate increase in foot traffic, which can brings substantial benefits to brick-and-mortar retail. There is no wasted budget on advertising to people who would never travel to your business or don’t have any interest in visiting your business online or offline. You find customers on the basis of their physical, real-world movements and collect valuable behavioural data.

Pool audiences by interest

Where people visit is a huge indicator of the type of people they are and their persona. To get an idea on how you can apply Geofencing Ads to your business check out our examples of geofenced areas for better targeting:

  • A person visiting a conference centre on the day of a digital marketing conference – A person interested in digital marketing
  • Someone visiting a car dealership on the weekend – Someone looking to buy a car.
  • People attending a stadium on the evening of a music concert – People that are music fans
  • Audiences in a theatre – theatre and art lovers
  • Someone visiting your competitors locations – someone ready and looking to buy
  • Customers that are visiting your locations – a known audience to establish loyalty with

The tool is simple & easy to use

To get started with Geofencing Ads, simply upload your addresses. You can then set the radius around each location and adjust them with satellite imagery for pinpoint accuracy. These addresses could be retail locations, competitor’s locations, or current customer addresses, whoever you want to target is the approach you will take.

It’s time to get ahead. No longer will you waste advertising budget on audiences that won’t convert or rely on costly and ineffective tactics for local campaigns. Our data shows geofencing campaigns run at five times higher than average click-through rate.

Geotargeting and Geofencing Ads with Fluid Ads

The Fluid Ads platform has two geolocation technologies to help businesses engage with audiences on a local level using two key practices Geofencing advertising and Geotargeting ads.

These features help businesses find customers in a defined area and serve them with beautifully designed ads. Draw multiple, multi-polygon shapes, on a map – right down to 1 metre accuracy to accurately target car dealerships, restaurants, offices, stadiums, or even bus stops for high-performing campaigns.

The ad platform technology targets areas as small as 1 metre and provides the capability to create conversion zones which can pinpoint how many people visited a specific location then entered the conversion zone.

With this super-targeted tactic you can activate local marketing campaigns on such a granular level that your ads will only engage with the audiences that can make a difference for your business, reducing any wastage from your ad campaign spend and boosting conversions.

Sign up and try the campaign targeting functionality at no cost until you want to send your campaigns live. If you’re looking for more information, download our guide on how Geofencing improves business performance.

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