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Ad Design

  • Quickly create beautifully engaging and effective Digital Ads and Ad Templates in no time
  • Easy to use design tools for any skill set
  • Multi-shape time saver with fully responsive designs
  • Automatically cascade creative changes to one tag
  • Deliver campaigns in-platform or use agnostic tags to use on another network
  • Powerful and feature packed for any HTML5 Ad style
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Ad Builder functionality

Design digital ads from scratch using our intuitive feature-rich Ad Builder or start from one of our high-performing and readily available templates.

The Ad Builder possesses all the features expected by a power user and still intuitive for anyone new to creating digital ads. The Ad Builder is for anyone wanting to create award-winning HTML5 multi-shape display ads in minutes.

All Ad Templates are fully responsive and have proven engagement rates so with simple tweaks to fonts, text, links and images you can get started with your digital advertising in confidence. There are regular updates to our template library so you can always find new styles to keep display ads fresh and eye-catching.

Start with our multi-shape time saver to create ads of different sizes

The Ad builder automatically formats your Ad set into any digital ad banner shape or size, saving you time on design tweaks and money.

With more time-saving features built in to automatically harvest assets from your website, such as your company logo and images which can be used in the design of your digital ads so you can quickly produce quality ads in line with your brand. The creative display generator lets you share previews of your ad designs with your team for a quick sign off or any edits.

Create multilingual Banner Ads

With translated content supported in the Ad Builder international teams can quickly create country-specific digital ads. It is easy to create a copy of you master ad template to change your text and images for any language.

Multi-click Ads

The multi-click functionality in the Ad Builder means you can showcase a range of products in any Ad creative. Each URL could take the viewer to a unique landing page such as different product pages, content, offers, homepage or social media channels.

The need for Multi-Device Ads

Mobile advertising is a vital channel to increase sales; people spend 60% of their time on mobile devices. Conforming to IAB standards the Ad Builder creates display Ads for any device or shape, working across desktop, mobile and tablet.

Quickly design Product Ads

Using the Feed Ads solution within the Fluid Ads platform you can connect your product or catalogue listing to your digital ad. This means your full product listing is automatically promoted from one Ad and each time your feed changes, the Ads will be updated accordingly in real-time, serving audiences with up-to-date and relevant messaging, offers and deals. This solution is extremely beneficial for those with large product listings.

Working with Fluid Ads

Creating digital ads with Fluid Ads is just the beginning of the digital advertising journey. The platform is enriched with functionality to help deliver the full end-to-end digital advertising service in three other key areas:

  • Targeting Ads – Context, Keyword, Geofencing, Geolocation and Retargeting
  • Buying Media – Deliver to programmatic channels and publisher sites effortlessly
  • Reporting – Industry leading reporting plus prospecting insights for B2B

That’s not all, Fluid Ads have a team of digital advertising consultants dedicated to businesses that require more support with their digital advertising.

An Ad Builder to enhance your Digital Advertising strategy

It is crucial to get your message out to customers quickly, accurately and easily. The Ad Builder removes the long drawn out creative processes usually associated to creating digital ads. An all-important marketing budget should be used to its fullest, and internal teams empowered with tools to seamlessly manage digital ad shapes and sizes to fit with specific dimensions.

Digital ads should be on websites that matter to your audience, giving your business the best chance of reaching your customers, engaging with them, and ultimately driving conversions to sales.

The Ad Builder from Fluid Ads is the perfect marketing solution providing businesses the capability to be more efficient, cost-saving, and high performing, by creating digital ads that resonate, are always accurate, drive higher engagement and boost click-throughs.

Sign up for your account and play before you pay with our Ad Builder and Campaign functionality, you only pay when you want to send your campaigns live or to send your campaigns live through a different display network you can take your tags away.

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