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A/B Testing

Remove the guess work from your creatives

  • Let your best creative win and be seen by the masses with A/B testing
  • A/B test and automatically deliver the best performing Ad design
  • Find out which creatives resonate best with your audience for future campaigns
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What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing or split testing is the process of running two or more variations of an ad design which are shown to selected website visitors simultaneously so you can find out which variation brings the best performance which in turn gives you the most successful ad campaigns.

The ad design with the most engagement becomes the winner from the A/B test and that is dependent on your business and campaign goals.

eCommerce brands need to promote their products to interested audiences, retarget visitors with products previously viewed or retarget users that abandoned their cart, the goal is sales while for many other businesses the goal is generating quality leads.

How does A/B testing work?

By A/B testing you get the opportunity to find what works best for your audience Ad design 1 or Ad design 2 which removes the guesswork on future approaches. The winning Ad design is dependent on the best performing click-through-rate (CTR).

There are so many variations you can A/B test but there are fundamental places to start that can help to improve your click through rate (CTR):

  • Images – A/B test the style of your images to see which gets more engagement
  • CTA & Ad copy – See if a different CTA drives more users to take action
  • Headline – play around with your headline but keep it short, simple and to the point
  • Ad Design – Find out which design work better including background or button colours
  • A/B testing allows you to see what works best with your target audience so you can squeeze as much as you can from the bottom of the funnel.

    A/B Testing with Fluid Ads

    Fluid Ads makes it easy for you to test your ad designs and see which creatives resonate best with your audience so you can automatically deliver a more successful ad campaign.

    Fluid Ads A/B Testing allows you to connect two Ad Designs to your campaign which will run to the first set of users simultaneously. Once the A/B testing threshold is reached our platform automatically analyses the performance data from your A/B test and delivers the creative with the best CTR for the rest of the campaign.

    Benefits of A/B Testing with Fluid Ads

    Fluid Ads removes the hassle of finding the right tool or calculator to measure the statistical performance in your data.

    Fluid Ads runs A/B tests simultaneously avoiding the possibilities of website traffic variations week to week. Take the guesswork out of your ad designs and apply data-driven insights to increase the success of your campaigns and increase marketing ROI.

    Including A/B testing as part of your campaign process allows you to refine your approach and address any leaks in the conversion funnel.

    Design and A/B test your ads today by signing up for a complimentary Fluid Ads account. You only pay when you want to send your campaigns live or take your ad tags away.

    Fluid Ads can do more than create and A/B test Ad designs

    Fluid Ads has a host of ad solutions to help create beautiful, on brand Ads and deliver them to the right people. We focus on delivering the full end-to-end digital ad campaign process through four key areas:

    Building Ads – Use our production team for beautiful eye-catching ads or create your own from scratch or a template in our platform

    Targeting Ads – With Contextual, Keyword Search, Geofencing, Geolocation and Retargeting options in platform you can target your ads to the right audience. Our managed service capabilities include social media along with all of the above.

    Media Buying – We can easily buy the right media space to showcase your ads through a managed service or our ad platform

    Reporting – Industry leading reporting plus prospecting insights for B2B

    Our team of digital advertising experts are on hand to support your digital advertising campaigns or our self-serve platform allows you to do it yourself. Fluid Ads caters to all businesses looking to improve their marketing ROI and digital advertising performance.

    The full end-to-end digital advertising platform.

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