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Since we launched our BETA program back in January, we have had over 600+ users sign up to the Fluid Ads platform to help promote their businesses and connect with the right audiences and we’re delighted you chose us to run your campaigns.

We have worked through your feedback and continue to refine the Fluid Ads platform to give you the best digital advertising tool to easily create and deliver your ad campaigns.

Check out the latest updates which will enable you to do so much more with our ad platform:

New Templates

Tuesday 30 Nov 2021

If you prefer to design your adverts from templates, we have recently added a few new ones to the list! We aim to add new creative templates regularly, so keep an eye out and we hope you find these useful.

Custom Fonts

Wednesday 4 Nov 2021

You asked, we listened! We received feedback regarding the creative templates and ad sets view – if you have a lot of templates or ad sets created, it’s hard to find what you’re looking for! So we have added in a search function to help you if you reach this stage.