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Latest updates

Check out below the latests updates from our team

Since we launched our BETA program back in January, we have had over 600+ users sign up to the Fluid Ads platform to help promote their businesses and connect with the right audiences and we’re delighted you chose us to run your campaigns.

We have worked through your feedback and continue to refine the Fluid Ads platform to give you the best digital advertising tool to easily create and deliver your ad campaigns.

Check out the latest updates which will enable you to do so much more with our ad platform:

G2 Reviews

Friday 15 Jul 2022

We have been awarded High Performer on G2! A big thank you to our users and clients that have provided feedback on G2 which has helped Fluid Ads achieve a “High Performer” status.

Platform Enhancements

Thursday 07 Jul 2022

Major enhancements have taken place behind the scenes to make our Ad solutions even faster and easier to use. Check out the latest improvements.


Thursday 31 Mar 2022

Bypass the time it takes to build ads from scratch or a template with our Quickbuilder. The Quickbuilder empowers users to rapidly create ads all from one easy screen.

New Creative Templates

Tuesday 1 Mar 2022

Check out the latest ad templates published in our library.

Auto Image Optimisation

Wednesday 9 Feb 2022

Once you are happy with your Ad template, our platform will look to automatically optimise the images, making them the correct size ready for delivery.

Supertags Feature

Wednesday 26 Jan 2022

Use our Supertags feature to A/B test your creatives, seeing which gets the better response and tailor the delivery to the higher performing creative.

Geofencing Feature

Tuesday 11 Jan 2022

Set up your Geofence locations simply by uploading a CSV or manually uploading the addresses in platform. This feature now allows your to Geofence your targeted audiences without the necessity of Feeds, making this an even quicker process to getting Ads in front of the relevant audience.

New Templates

Tuesday 30 Nov 2021

Check out the latest ad template published in our library.

Custom Fonts

Wednesday 4 Nov 2021

Take control with our custom fonts feature which has recently been added to the platform.

Template Search Functionality

Wednesday 4 Nov 2021

It can be hard to find what you’re looking for so we have added in a search function to help you find your Ad templates quicker.