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Top 10 tips on how to create the best digital display ads

Download our top 10 tips to learn how to create the best digital display ads with various techniques to realise higher conversions.

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How to boost your end of year profits after Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are well and truly ingrained in the consumer consciousness. Where once consumers felt it was purely an opportunity for businesses to make more money at their expense, now they’re fully bought in.


Save your budget for current stock with In-Feed Ads

Are your digital display ads always up-to-date? See how you can save and maximise your budget for current stock with In-Feed Ads.


Tips for Media Agencies to Choose the Right Ad-Tech Partner

Working as a digital partner to agencies we’ve put together 5 considerations to help Media agencies choose the right Ad-Tech partner.


5 tactics for local advertising strategy

Regardless of your experience of marketing your business to a local audience, your strategy simply won’t be complete, and your advertising won’t perform, if you’re ignoring any of these five tactics for local marketing success.


5 Hacks to Grow Online Retail Sales

It’s up to marketers to deliver and hit those ambitious growth targets. Here are five tactics to grow retail sales and the profitability of your business.


Why Agencies choose Fluid Ads

We work with media agencies providing a winning solution for their clients. See what makes us the perfect digital partner and why agencies choose Fluid Ads.


How to make digital display ads that your customers want to click

How are your current digital display campaigns performing? Is your click-through rate above the industry standard or well below? How many sales are you generating and what’s your current ROI?


How to target your competitor’s audience

For your business to thrive, it’s crucial to retain your current customers and secure new users.
Whilst you probably already deploy tactics such as display advertising, retargeting, email marketing, SEO and PPC to get your business and products out there in the eyes of existing and new users, you may also be looking for tactical solutions to out-perform your competitors.


Why it’s time to get rid of that expensive creative agency

How much is your business spending monthly and annually for your current creative agency? Chances are it will be a significant amount. Are you happy to continue this way with your budget or are you looking for opportunities to reduce your external spend on agencies?


How Media Agencies become the digital partner for clients

We know there is a growing trend towards brands taking marketing in-house so we look at how Media Agencies can become digital partners for clients.


Marketing In-house trend: continue to provide value to your clients

Fluid Ads takes a look at the different ways you can provide additional services to save your clients from feeling the need to move all marketing in-house.


The Impact of ITP 2.1 on your digital advertising Retargeting

Apple launched ITP 2.1 in March 2019, the update affected both first and third-party cookie data, Fluid Ads explores how this affects digital advertising.


The latest developments on data privacy for the ad industry

Fluid Ads takes a deeper look into all things data privacy for the ad industry on both sides of the Atlantic and how it may effect your digital strategy.


How agencies can scale up to provide ongoing value to clients

As an agency, what’s your approach to upselling to your existing clients? Do you provide solutions that they need based on strategic insight about their business or simply cross-sell on the existing services and products you offer? It’s surprising how many agencies fall into the latter, selling services because it’s what they do. 

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