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Top 10 tips to Retargeting like a Pro

Learn how to focus your digital advertising on a quality audience you know is interested for higher conversions with Retargeting

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Are your campaigns ready for the Q3 2019 retail calendar?

Q3 promises to be an extremely busy time for retailers so we look at some of the key ways to get your campaigns set up fast for the Q3 2019 Retail calendar.


Industry Snapshot: Automotive Industry Challenges in 2019

In the first six months of this year, we’ve seen the automotive industry face a number of challenges. 2018 was a difficult year for the global automotive industry, with sales falling for the first time since 2009.


High quality lead generation without the fuss

What are the biggest marketing challenges facing business today? For the majority of businesses, 65% in fact, generating traffic and leads is their number one marketing challenge.


What is the difference between Geofencing vs. Geotargeting?

What’s the best way to engage with a local audience? Firstly, you need to let them know that your accessible and within very close proximity of them and/or their community. Secondly, it’s vital to show how relevant you are to their needs, and lastly it’s key to get in front of them when they’re on the move and happy to come in and see you.


Get the most of geolocation technology for your car dealership

What are the biggest challenges you’re facing? Central to the success and growth of your business is a need to ensure both your website and your sales team are working together and working as hard as possible. We take a look at how geolocation technology can help you


Why it’s essential to keep your job vacancy ads up-to-date

More than 50% of people who are currently employed are considering a new job so it’s essential you keep your job vacancy ads up-to-date. They may be actively looking or simply reviewing their options


Digital Advertising Glossary

This is your essential go-to-guide for advertising technology terminology. Soon you’ll be separating your A/B, from your CTR on certain DSPs, right through to you’re ROI.


How to increase conversions to sell more tickets

The appetite to experience live music and live events is there from consumers but, so is the choice. With the festival season in both the US and UK expanding year on year and with more and more festivals popping up; the competition is fierce. Therefore, there is an increased need to ensure your digital advertising strategy increases your conversions and impacts those all-important ticket sales.


Why you can’t afford to advertise out of stock vehicles

Car buyers spend 59% of their time researching online. Before a decision is made on which car to choose and which dealership best caters to their needs.


How to create the best digital ads in 2019 with the latest tech

What are the objectives behind your digital advertising strategy? Are you trying to build brand awareness? Do you want to retarget website visitors and boost your conversions? Do you want to drive as much performance as possible from your available budget and outperform your competitors?


How to use the weather in your digital advertising strategy

The weather plays such an important part in our lives. While it might be the first topic of small talk, the influence it has goes far beyond small talk and polite conversation.


How Retargeting supercharges customer consideration for Retailers

We explore the most effective strategies to quickly grow your mid-funnel and take a look at how Retargeting can supercharge customer consideration.

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Gaming Companies need agile digital advertising strategies

Things can change quickly. A sporting event can turn with one decisive moment. An underdog can come from nowhere to steal the show, or politics can take an unlikely turn.

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How to use audience insight to power your digital advertising campaigns

Your audience is the crucial factor to each and every aspect of your digital advertising campaigns. Everything should be built around them.

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