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Drako Media Group double CTR with Fluid Ads

The Canadian agency Drako Media Group are experts in location-based mobile marketing partnering with their clients using their cutting-edge mobile marketing expertise generating in-store traffic.

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Start consolidating marketing technology in your team

You’ve made the decision to bring your marketing in-house and you’ve secured the best possible talent for the business. Now you need to give them access to the right tools to flourish.


What can digital advertising do for your car dealerships?

Car dealers continue to face the same problems of ensuring they offer the best customer experience on their premises while doing all they can to drive customers through the door into dealerships through cost-effective advertising.


Why are companies moving marketing in-house?

Fluid Ads looks at the reasons why we’re seeing a shift towards companies moving marketing in-house for their marketing activities.


6 essential considerations when implementing ad technology

When implementing ad technology for your business, there are many considerations to work through, take a look at our 6 top tips to get started.


Fluid Ads, thrilled to launch a New Website and Online Presence

As a leading digital display technology solution the revamped online presence is to showcase the range of market-leading solutions that are now available to not just publishers but the growing Advertiser base of enterprise brands & agency customers. At its core, the new website showcases the power of the new Fluid Ads’ digital display Ad […]


Unlock success for your Valentine’s day campaigns with our 5 Top Tips

5 essential tips to make your Valentine’s Day campaigns feel the love. Valentine’s Day. People love it or loathe it. There’s no other day in the year that stirs such strong emotions from consumers. Some completely buy in and look forward to showering their loved one with gifts, whereas others rue the commercialization (but in most cases still buy their other half something).


Safer Internet Surfing Day

We want to help support Safer Internet Surfing Day and provide a list of dos and don’ts for advertisers when it comes to digital advertising in line with the theme.


Ad Builder

The Ad Builder which forms part of the Fluid Ads Creative Intelligence Platform enables you to enhance your ad production efficiency and build beautiful, feature-rich, multi-shape HTML5 ads in minutes. Instantly reduce production spend and focus your investment on acquiring more media and boosting your sales in the process.


Feed Ads

Feed Ads enable you to create hundreds of ad variants within minutes. You can connect your digital display advertising to your ever-changing inventory and ensure your ads update in real time.


Creative Intelligence Platform

Fluid Ads Creative Intelligence Platform offers an end to end solution to manage all of your digital display ad campaigns. The Fluid Ads Creative Intelligence Platform offers an end to end solution to manage all of your digital display campaigns, to boost your click-throughs, enhance brand awareness and increase conversions


Enhance ad engagement with multi-click ads

As a brand or an agency, one thing is clear. You will be spending on digital media in 2019, as will your competitors.


Advanced Insights Reporting

Our bespoke reports go far beyond impressions, clicks and conversions. Through the Fluid Ads Creative Intelligence Platform, you’ll receive the data, insights and intelligence to enhance and catapult your digital display campaigns further.



Fluid Ads Platform helps your business find customers in a defined area and serve them with beautifully designed ads. We can help you engage with the audiences that really matter to your business on a local level. No longer will you waste budget on audiences that won’t convert. No more will you have to rely on costly and ineffective tactics for your local campaigns.



Fluid Ads Creative Intelligence Platforms enables you to retarget users that have viewed your website and serve them with ads to increase brand awareness and boost conversions. Through our platform, you have the opportunity to win back visitors that didn’t convert the first time and attract them back once they have left your site or abandoned their basket.

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