Latest Article Quickbuilder launched by Fluid Ads makes designing Ads rapid read more.

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Aid Agency uses Geofencing from Fluid Ads to increase Brand Awareness with their key demographic

See how a well known Aid Agency uses Geofencing Ads to promote their cause to a specific demographic with digital ad campaigns from Fluid Ads.

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Quickbuilder launched by Fluid Ads makes designing Ads rapid

Fluid Ads are delighted to announce the launch of the Quickbuilder. The latest Ad Building solution to help build more Ads even faster.


Digital marketing agencies for charities

Finding the right agencies for charities is crucial in growing non-profit organisations overall performance. Take a look at the benefits.


How A Fundraising Marketing Agency Can Help Your Charity

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What is CPM?

Find out how CPM (Cost per thousand) which is also known as Cost per Millie is calculated to better understand your advertising metrics.


Complete Guide to Location Based Marketing

Learn about the different options available in Location Based Marketing and how you can best apply them to your business.

Case Study

Knauf increase brand visibility & website traffic with Fluid Ads campaigns

See how Knauf Insulation increased brand visibility and website traffic with their key audiences using Fluid Ads digital ad campaigns.


Complete Guide to Geofencing Marketing

For all the information you need to access whether Geofencing Marketing is right for your business, read our comprehensive guide on Geofencing.


Complete guide to marketing for non-profit organisations

Check out our guide to marketing for non-profit organisations. This is a must read for those charities challenged to do more with less.


What are Responsive Display Ads?

Find out what Responsive Display Ads are, how they work and the best way to use them for your business.


8 of the biggest digital advertising trends

With technology advancing at a rapid pace we run through the top 8 digital advertising trends to stay ahead of the competition.


The ultimate guide to programmatic advertising in 2022

Get all your questions on programmatic advertising answered with our ultimate guide to programmatic advertising in 2022.


Fluid Ads are a Google Certified Partner

Fluid Ads are a Google Certified Partner which gives you the assurance that we know how to run successful digital advertising campaigns.


What is geotargeting?

Find out what Geotargeting is and see how businesses use location based ad technologies to grow performance.


What is Retargeting?

Find out what Retargeting is and the benefits of using this marketing tactic to drive better conversions for your business.