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IAB UK and PwC UK Digital Ad Spend 2018 Study

The study by PwC, whereby UK media owners submit digital advertising revenue figures confidentially to PwC who then analyse submissions to produce aggregated data to show the size of the UK digital advertising market.

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Gambling Companies: How to create an agile digital advertising strategy

Things can change quickly. A sporting event can turn with one decisive moment. An underdog can come from nowhere to steal the show, or politics can take an unlikely turn.


How to use audience insight to power your digital advertising campaigns

Your audience is the crucial factor to each and every aspect of your digital advertising campaigns. Everything should be built around them.


How to enhance your digital ad campaigns for the big sporting season

The Super Bowl, Wimbledon, The Masters and the FA Cup Final. Huge sporting events require tailored, effective and high performing digital display campaigns.


Stop wasting advertising budget on real estate that’s no longer available

To get the best value from your digital display advertising you need to cater to the needs of your customer. It’s important to have multiple ad creatives that change in line with the mindset of the user throughout the day and at different stages of their search.


How to keep your travel ad offers up to date

What prompts your customer to act? Inspirational pictures of far flung destinations? The best new hotels? Or cost and the top deals? The act of booking a holiday relies on a number of considerations


Tackling the 5 top challenges for digital marketers with Retargeting

Every year digital marketers come under increased pressure. They’re now expected to cater for voice search, to make the most of AI and machine learning and always provide the best possible experience for their customers.


How to stop wasting impressions and make the most of your digital advertising with Retargeting

When it comes to digital advertising, it’s essential to get bang for your buck. Your digital display campaigns simply need to reach the right audience with a relevant message.


The importance of intelligent creative for display ads

There’s nothing worse for user experience than clicking on an ad to be told the item is out of stock, no longer available, wrong URL or the price has changed. Not to mention the wastage in advertising budgets.


Get to grips with Data Feeds for digital display campaigns

By connecting your digital display advertising to your ever-changing inventory, you’ll have ads that update in real time and reflect any changes to pricing, product or offers.


Start consolidating marketing technology in your team

You’ve made the decision to bring your marketing in-house and you’ve secured the best possible talent for the business. Now you need to give them access to the right tools to flourish.


What can digital advertising do for your car dealerships?

Car dealers continue to face the same problems of ensuring they offer the best customer experience on their premises while doing all they can to drive customers through the door into dealerships through cost-effective advertising.


Why are companies moving marketing in-house?

Fluid Ads looks at the reasons why we’re seeing a shift towards companies moving marketing in-house for their marketing activities.


6 essential considerations when implementing ad technology

When implementing ad technology for your business, there are many considerations to work through, take a look at our 6 top tips to get started.


Fluid Ads, thrilled to launch a New Website and Online Presence

As a leading digital display technology solution the revamped online presence is to showcase the range of market-leading solutions that are now available to not just publishers but the growing Advertiser base of enterprise brands & agency customers. At its core, the new website showcases the power of the new Fluid Ads’ digital display Ad […]

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