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Why Geo-fencing is a game-changer for your car dealership

Learn how to engage with your customers on a local level and get ahead of the competition with Geo-fencing.

In this guide, we’ll be showcasing this new technology and how it can truly transform your business and help you steal a march on the competition. We’ll detail how simple and straightforward it is to implement, how cost effective it is and illustrate specific scenarios when you can use Geo-fencing in your own digital advertising strategy.
Once you know how it works and how it applies to your business, you’ll be ready to change the game.

The key challenge for car dealerships

When you’re implementing your digital advertising strategy, one word should always be at the forefront of your mind; opportunity.

You need to give yourself the opportunity to get in front of your customer.

You need to give yourself the opportunity to help them understand their different options when they first begin to research new cars.

You need to give yourself the opportunity to engage with them at the best time and in the best way when they’re ready to make important decisions.

And for car dealerships that often means on a localized level.

Through this guide, we’ll help you understand that your current local advertising strategy won’t be giving you the best value. We’ll detail exactly how you can target the customers that really matter for your business on a local level.

Geolocation Targeting

Marketing geolocation is used to narrow communication down to a specific location. Two distinct practices exist; geotargeting and geofencing. Both can truly impact businesses that need to promote products within specific regions or areas.

Just as you do.

Our guide, explains the difference between the two and showcase exactly how geofencing can make a difference for your business. We’ll explain how it works, illustrate how you can use it for your dealership, and detail three scenarios of how it can enhance your digital advertising strategy and create the ideal opportunity to engage with your customers ahead of your competitors.

But don’t just take our word for it

We’ll also run through key stats and data from some of our previous geofencing campaigns and illustrate exactly how they outperformed standard display advertising.

You’ll truly understand how this can revolutionize the advertising for your car dealership.

Our guide will show how Geo-fencing is the perfect display ad strategy for car dealerships and show you the first steps you can take to transform your local advertising strategy.

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Download our GUIDE to geo fencing

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