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The essential guide to Retargeting

Learn how to make Retargeting work for your business and boost your conversion rate.

You’ve been working hard to promote your website. A lot of time, energy, and budget has gone into your multi-channel strategy to drive traffic to your website and get as many potential customers interacting with it as possible, especially since 2020.

You’re tracking visits and it means a lot when you see a spike in traffic.

Your approach is working but you see problems begin when you struggle to convert these users into customers. That’s when it starts to affect your bottom line.

According to industry data, as little as 2% of visitors will convert on their first visit to your website. Additionally, e-commerce websites convert on average just 3% of total visitors.

So why are the figures so low?

Well, on average a customer needs between six and eight touches or engagements before they decide to purchase from your website. You might think that your social media activity and online content is enough to provide them with the customer experience they crave. 

But is this driving the revenue you need? 

The big question you’ll be facing is how do you get them back to your website? How do you re-engage with those users and incentivise them to come back? What should these customer touchpoints consist of? 

Retargeting simply has to be central to your digital display strategy. 

When done well it is an extremely cost-effective and high-performing solution, enhancing your click-through rate and conversion rate, as well as boosting your ROI. That’s when it begins to impact that all-important bottom line. 

In this whitepaper, we’ll detail everything you need to know about Retargeting to ensure you can implement a bespoke Retargeting strategy. You’ll find out exactly what it is, how it works and understand your different options when it comes to product, category and search Retargeting. 

Importantly, we will detail how to make it work for your brand and the tips for success to drive the performance of your digital display advertising. 

Download our guide to Retargeting and take the first steps to build a Retargeting strategy that impacts the bottom line of your business. 

Contact us if you want support in getting your Retargeting campaigns live.

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