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Back to Work Marketing Checklist

It is our job to capture new and existing audiences and get them sold on our offering. Nothing new has changed here.

However, during these times consumer buying journeys have changed and internal operations have had a wave of challenges to address. That's why we have launched our Back to Marketing checklist to show you the quick win steps you can take in certain areas to get a kick-start for your business.

As we are now armed with some very short-term erratic data sample sizes and historical data which seems partially redundant to forecast and plan for success.

For survival, many businesses globally have entered crisis management, and this has had challenging knock-on effects in terms of redundancies or furloughed employees, budget preservations, paused product or service launches and overall business strategies. 

Things have changed but the constant that remains are the many steps of engagement a person will progress through before being ready to purchase and so the channels remaining at the forefront are Inbound Marketing activities such as:

With focus on these inbound channels brand messages can be quickly executed to immediate and prospective target audiences to accelerate awareness, conversions, and sales.

As lockdown restrictions continue to ease and more businesses with the necessary precautions in place can resume it now becomes a race against time to capture and entice as much interest as is possible before your competitors do but where do you start?

To begin, you need to be armed with:

Historical Data – Checking for the best peaks in historical data to see if any still resonate. With some tweaks to align to the current times these be quick win ideas to turn around

Short-term Insights – Data during the pandemic period will provide insights as to how your audiences behaviours have changed. Remember, as the parameters keep evolving in terms of what businesses can do so will their behaviour – keep an eye on the pulse here to drive high-performance agile campaigns.

Know your offering – Be on top of your current offering, check if it has been limited, adapted or dependent on other factors such as stock levels, supply or available services.

Get the latest budget – Most of us have seen changes to our budget since the pandemic took hold, understanding what you have to play with will help in prioritising and planning towards tactics that drive conversions and online sales

Understand your toolkit – Some of us may have had to downgrade tools or furlough members of our teams so capturing your current resources will go a far way in understanding your capacity and planning for successes within this remit.

Lastly, if you’re a small team in the UK check out Covidtogo that will tell you the necessary precautions you need to take to get your workplace environment safe and compliant by answering some questions for you to get back.

Back to Work Marketing Checklist

Back to Work Marketing Checklist

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