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Creating an advert

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Where to start and helpful tips

Ads from Scratch: Have full creative control to build beautiful bespoke Ads with your brand. Once finalised you can publish this to your library as a template for future use.

Ads from Template: Choose an Ad template and switch out certain elements to change colour, imagery, and the message you want to promote quickly. There is no need to play with transitions or animations as they’re set for you.

Automatic resizing: Fluid Ads automatically resizes and formats your Ads into different shapes. We recommend finalising three main sizes to make it quicker to cascade those changes to the other shapes. Below you will see the main shapes and the similar associated shapes:

  1. Square Square, Small Square
  2. Rectangle Square, Small Square
  3. Horizontal Square, Small Square


Scraping: To get started quickly add your website X and our system will pull your imagery and logo into the Fluid Ads asset library.

Default URLs: This is your backup default URL which your Ad directs to should any other links go awry.