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Learn more about our Integrations

Does Fluid Ads integrate with 3rd party apps?

Yes we’re currently working on integrations into Google, Facebook, Magento 2 and Reporting via most reporting tools i.e. tableau. We are always on the lookout to integrate more and the Fluid Ads API allows other systems to integrate with our platform.

How does the Fluid Ads integration work with Google?

The ad sets you create within Fluid Ads can use the Google platform to deliver to Google audiences.  Meaning you have access to google audiences, such as content, website visits, apps installed or the highly acclaimed Google audiences which provides access to consumers who are interested in  product groups or specific products e.g. consumers interested in Hondas or consumers looking for used Honda accords.

What does the Fluid Ads Facebook/Instagram integration do?

In a nutshell, we simplify Facebook advertising.  The main benefit of the platform is product marketing, our technology overrides the Google AI algorithms and allows you to control the marketing.  Tf you believe that Facebook AI is designed to optimise Facebook’s profits and not yours this technology is for you.

How does the integration between Fluid Ads and Magento 2 work?

Fluid Ads are working on a Magento plugin which once installed, your products, images, descriptions, pricing information are available for use in your Ads.  The ad sets will automatically and instantly reflect the latest prices, stock availability, imagery and stock.