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Geofencing ads

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I can’t see geofencing as an option in my account?

We need to enable that feature for you, email us at [email protected] 

How do I add a specific location or address as a Geofence?

You will need to create a feed, please see this guide or contact us for support.

How long will my advert take to go live?

Adverts can take up to 24 hours to go live once confirmed in the Global Display Network GDN. Google (Google Display Network) can typically take 2 weeks.

Are there any restrictions on the position of geofences?

There are two restrictions using geofencing in your ad campaigns.

  1. Locations known to be Child-Centric – Locations known to serve children primarily the age of 13 is considered a violation of the Fluid Ads policy. Examples are but not restricted to: schools, playgrounds, paediatricians, day care, nurseries etc.
  2. Sensitive Medical Facilities- Medical facilities that are deemed “sensitive” have restrictions on which campaigns can and cannot be run. If it’s obvious what the condition is from the location, it’s sensitive. Again, examples include but are not limited to cancer centres/oncologists, memory care facilities, cardiologists, domestic abuse shelters/facilities, mental health and addiction centres, etc. General Hospitals are generally ok, as long as it’s not paediatric but the entire hospital which is fenced.

If these fences are present in a recruitment/hiring campaign, they are usually not restricted as the campaign is not medical.  Managed services can get around these.

Are there any restrictions on the volume of geofences?

There is a limit of 300 – 350 Geo fences per Insertion for SaaS clients.