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Fluid Ads for brands

The complete solution for all your digital display needs

Display advertising can be one of the most effective ways to engage with your most valuable audiences. Be present for your customers in the moments that matter, target them on a local level, build brand awareness, and guide them through their purchase journey with you. 

We’re the only partner you need to boost the performance of your digital display advertising. We help you to build and create the perfect ad, use intelligent targeting techniques to go live with your campaign and report on the success with key insights.

Benefits for Brands

  • One partner for all of your digital display advertising 
  • Control all elements of your campaigns
  • Transparency of exactly where your budget is going
  • Remove the need to spend big on an expensive creative agency
  • Keep costs down with no need for dedicated in-house resource

Build Award-Winning Digital Display Ads in Minutes

Through the Fluid Ads Ad Builder, you will immediately enhance your ad production efficiency and remove the need for your creative team to spend time tweaking and reformatting ads into multiple shapes and sizes. 

Simply build beautiful, feature-rich, multi-shape HTML5 ads in minutes. Reduce expensive creative production spend and refocus your investment on acquiring more media and boosting your sales in the process. 

Your teams will have access to a flexible and tailored solution that guarantees ease of use. Importantly they will be able to create fully responsive, multi-device, multilingual on-brand ads that always perform for your business. Our ad builder is simple and intuitive meaning there’s no need for dedicated in-house design resource. 

Showcase Live and Changing Data in your Ad Creative

Tackle your operational issues by tapping into the capabilities of feed ads to save time and money and enhance business efficiency. 

An In-Feed Ad will pull information directly from an external source and plug it into specific elements in the ad design. Dynamic content will be taken from your inventory source and fed into your digital display ad. 

Creating the ad just once, with the content of your ads changing automatically in line with any updates to your product or services inventory, making it a super-efficient and up-to-the-second solution. Your users will always see relevant ads that are never out of date, whether featuring product changes, messaging updates, or deal adjustments. Feed ads will help drive higher click-throughs and conversions.



Become Relevant to your Audience when it Really Matters

The experience users have with a brand is so important for the modern day consumer. If your brand signalling and messaging is clear and relevant and tailored to that user, you’ll secure campaign performance in a crowded marketplace. Now you can control all of your brand messaging. 

Through dynamic ads your ads will be targeted and relevant in line with defined external factors including the time of day, weather, political events and the language of the user. 

Geo-targeting gives you the power to reach a local audience, while geo fencing offers the opportunity to target audiences in the real world to boost footfall in-store. 

Retargeting can enhance your clickthrough rate by up to 10 times by simply being relevant to that user in that moment, as well as guiding your customers through to conversion. 

Tweak Your Campaigns with Up-to-the-Second Live Reporting

By securing instant data on the performance of your digital display campaigns, you’ll be able to make immediate changes and tweaks to secure optimum performance. The execution of your digital advertising strategy will be cost effective, high-performing and super-efficient. 

And with 360° insights providing detailed data on the audiences that matter to your business, you have the intelligence to make strategic decisions for your upcoming campaigns as well as for your entire digital advertising strategy. 

Build Easily

Create award-winning and on-brand HTML5 digital display ads in minutes.

Target Precisely

Build out your perfect audience and engage with users whether in the digital or physical world.

Report Everything

Secure the insight to boost the performance of your ongoing and upcoming campaigns and enhance your ROI in the process.

The complete solution for all your digital display needs. Book your demo today. 

The complete solution to win with your clients. Book your demo today.

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