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Fluid Ads for agencies

The perfect addition to power up your offering

Agencies continue to face many challenges. Competition for client budget is rife between multiple agencies, while brands continue to look at in-housing and where they can cut external costs. Campaign performance always remains paramount in the face of ever-demanding consumers.

With Fluid Ads in your arsenal, you’ll provide an end-to-end service for your clients and enhance the performance of their digital advertising strategies from start to finish.

Benefits for Agencies

  • Win new business & secure more budget
  • Activate campaigns quicker
  • Provide a scalable, cost-effective and high-performing solution to clients
  • Enhance your product suite
  • Boost internal efficiencies
  • Offer ongoing value and upsell to your clients
  • Deliver actionable up-to-the-second insights

Revolutionise your approach to business development

When pitching for new work, it’s essential to help your prospects visualise exactly how their digital display campaigns will look. 

Our Ad Builder ensures that you can build beautiful, feature-rich, multi-shape HTML5 ads in minutes. Importantly, with minimum design effort, you’ll be able to put on-brand and on-message digital display ads in front of your client to secure quick and efficient sign off on campaigns. 

This is the ideal tool for pitching for new briefs or securing additional budget from your existing clients. 

Increase your product suite

You now have the capability to offer an end-to-end service that encompasses ad creation, execution and advanced insights reporting.

By building feature-rich, multi-shape and multi-device HTML5 ads through the Fluid Ads ad builder you can increase your product offering for your clients. You’ll also offer a cost-effective and efficient solution to reduce their production spend, eliminate their need for an expensive creative agency, and refocus their investment towards acquiring more media.

Due to the flexibility and intuitiveness of the ad builder there’ll be no need to employ internal design resources. WIth limited training your existing team can build award-winning digital display ads for your clients.

Solve the big challenges through market-leading ad technology

As an agency, it’s your job to understand the individual challenges each of your clients face when it comes to their digital advertising and put in place strategic solutions to improve the performance of their business.

By providing access to feed ads, you’ll solve their operational issues and keep their ads up-to-date in line with their ever-changing inventory. For those that want to use digital advertising to increase footfall in their physical locations, geo fencing has to be the tool of choice. To help all your clients engage with the right audience at the right time and target their users with precision, a tailored mix of dynamic creative, retargeting, and geo-targeting can revolutionise the performance of their campaigns.

Offer campaign agility

Through our Advanced Insights Reporting you will have instant data on the performance of your clients digital display campaigns. Once campaigns are live, secure up-to-the-second insights ensuring you can make immediate changes and tweaks to guarantee optimum performance for your clients.

Help clients better understand their business

By reporting on everything, your clients will now have 360° insights providing detailed data and indicators to further understand the audiences that bring the most value to their business. This provides you with the ability to help them make strategic decisions on their upcoming campaigns as well as across their full channel mix.

Build Easily

Create award-winning and on-brand HTML5 digital display ads in minutes.

Target Precisely

Build out your perfect audience and engage with users whether in the digital or physical world.

Report Everything

Secure the insight to boost the performance of your ongoing and upcoming campaigns and enhance your ROI in the process.

The complete solution for all your digital display needs. Book your demo today. 

The complete solution to win with your clients. Book your demo today.

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