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Fluid Tags

One tag to rule them all!

Run entire campaigns from one tag

Run entire campaigns from one tag

Tags that work on any size or device

Tags that work on any size or device

Multiple creatives all from one tag

Multiple creatives all from one tag

Tags that adapt to their surroundings

Fluid tags remove the need to worry about compatibility.

Much like water, Fluid Tags will automatically adapt to fill their surroundings. Automatically reformatting the creative to display the right size and shape of creative to the user.

Working across multiple devices and browsers automatically. Allowing you to focus purely on the creative itself, safe in the knowledge it will work wherever it is placed.

One Campaign. One Tag

Entire campaigns can be managed from just one tag.

Any changes that need to be made or modified to a creative can be made in the Fluid Ads platform and instantly get cascaded to the tag. Removing any barriers of having to liase changes to Ad operations teams.

Multiple Creatives

Fluid Tags automatically pull in the right creative, for the right person, at the right time.

Having a library of dynamic and feed based creative all living inside one tag. Driving a more tailored experience for the viewer.

30+ Ad servers supported (We haven't found one yet that we can't support)

“Campaigns that took a week now just take an hour.”

Zach Nossell, Digital Media Integration Lead, Woolworths

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