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Features / Data-driven Feed Ads

Data-driven Feed Ads

Harness your data to display in an Ad

Display your entire product inventory

Display your entire product inventory

Pull in live and changing data in your ad creative

Pull in live and changing data in your ad creative

Use filters to ensure your message is relevant

Use filters to ensure your message is relevant

The right content

Once you create a beautiful HTML5 display ad using our intuitive Ad builder, we can create and attach a data feed to the Ad. This means you will have elements of the feed being pulled directly and automatically into the Ad. Once you’re set up it’s a hands off approach.

The Ad automatically changes to display the most relevant feed content, depending on who is looking at it. This may include a change to a product being presented due to changes in weather, an updated price or odds or stock being removed after it is sold.

Data feeds are perfect for businesses with ever evolving products, inventories and offers.

Who's using feeds?

Many industries are gaining the benefits of this approach. Those making substantial gains are those with lots of changing inventory for example:

Real Estate – Pull in properties from your data feed to display in your Ad. Only ever display properties that are available and in a certain proximity of the person viewing the ad.

Automotive – Only display vehicles that are still for sale and/or pulling cars from the dealership closest to the person viewing the Ads. No longer will you waste budget promoting cars that sold an hour ago.

Retail – Promote your products or services, with the latest prices and offers. Increase sales and retarget a certain product to a user who has already viewed that product on your store.

Stop repurposing data

No more feed templates|: use our agnostic feed technology to display your data in any format you like – this means you don’t have to restrict and re-purpose your data to display in an Ad.

We support CSV, XMLs, as well as direct integrations to Shopify and Magento.

12x is the amount of ROI that data-driven feed ads can provide

“Campaigns that took a week now just take an hour.”

Zach Nossell, Digital Media Integration Lead, Woolworths

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