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Features / Data Feeds

Data Feeds

Harness your data to display in an Ad

Display your entire product inventory

Display your entire product inventory

Pull in live and changing data

Pull in live and changing data

Perform Filters to display what is relevant

Perform Filters to display what is relevant

The right content

Once you have created a beautiful HTML 5 ad using our intuitive Ad builder, you are then able to attach a data feed to the Ad. Having elements of the feed being pulled directly into the Ad. The Ad will then fluidly change to display the most relevant feed content, depending on who is looking at it.

Data feeds are perfect for businesses with ever evolving products, inventories and offers.

Perform a filter on a data feed with external data sources such as a cookie or page content, to pull in elements from the feed that are most relevant.

Who's using feeds?

Real Estate – Pull in houses from your data feed to display in your Ad. Only ever display houses that are in a certain proximity of the person viewing the ad.

Automotive – Only display cars that are still for sale, pulling cars from the dealership closest to the person viewing the Ads – No longer promote cars that sold an hour ago.

Retail – Promote your products, with the most up to the second prices and offers. Re-target a certain product to a user who has already viewed that product on your store.

Stop re-purposing data

No more feed templates, just use our agnostic feed technology to display your data in any format you like – No longer do you have to restrict and re-purpose your data to display it in an Ad.

We support CSV, XMLs, as well as direct integrations to Shopify and Magento.

12x The amount of Return on Ad Spend that feed ads provide

“Campaigns that took a week now just take an hour.”

Zach Nossell, Digital Media Integration Lead, Woolworths

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