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Be a member of our BETA trial to help shape one of the most innovative tools to serve digital advertising.

We will be releasing our BETA programme for our Ad Builder platform very shortly.

Fluid Ads have been experts in advertising for a long time, way back when Print was the largest advertising medium.

Since then we have paved the way for businesses to make the transition from print to digital with our digital advertising services and solutions. Homing in on lessons learned we saw a gap in the market for an intuitive Ad Builder that allows you to target and deliver high performing digital advertising campaigns.

That’s exactly what our next generation Ad Builder is about and by signing up to our BETA trial programme you will be able to:

We’re looking for a mix of users from beginners and intermediates, right through to experts to give us their thoughts during the BETA trial.

We’re continuously looking to see how Fluid Ads can add value, and would love the opportunity to go on this journey together to build the best digital advertising platform to serve you, your business and its customers.

If you would prefer to see a demo before joining the waitlist you can book that here.

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