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Full digital advertising management. Navigate the fast-paced world of digital advertising by creating, delivering and reporting everything in one digital advertising platform.

The award-winning Ad Builder enables any skill set to build beautiful eye-catching display ads from scratch or a template. Automatically resizes the Ad into the required Ad formats to increase productivity. Dynamic Advertising connects creatives to users at the right moment and Feed Ads power up those with large product listings to automatically update the creative from a connected data source.

Targeting Ads is crucial for high-performing campaigns. The Fluid Ads platform delivers ads to specific audiences through Context, Keyword, Geofencing, Geolocation and Retargeting. Industry leading reporting provides insights on all key metrics and more to future proof the success and effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Fluid Ads digital advertising platform empowers users to deliver messages to the right people to increase sales and marketing ROI.

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“Campaigns that took a week now just take an hour.”

Zach Nossell, Digital Media Integration Lead, Woolworths

The South African Woolworths business consists of full-line fashion, beauty and home stores, many of which incorporate a premium food retail offering. Stand-alone food stores and “Food Stops” reattached to Engen petrol stations are also located in urban areas.

Full end-to-end digital advertising management

All the tricks you need for display ad campaigns

Our feature-rich digital advertising platform has all the design and targeting tools you need to build and deliver digital display campaigns all from one place.

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Build easily

An intuitive, featured packed digital HTML5 display Ad builder. Empowers anyone to create award-winning display advertisements in minutes.

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Target precisely

Use Fluid Ads to find your perfect audience, out in the physical and digital space. Let us help you deliver your message to the right people, at the right time.

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Report everything

Track, monitor and measure campaign results with up to the second live reporting providing deep insights into who your audience are and how they behave.

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The complete solution, for all your digital display advertising needs.

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