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Puregym use Geofencing to flex the CTR 157% above industry standard for Lucozade


Puregym use Geofencing to flex the CTR 157% above industry standard for Lucozade

PureGym is Britain’s largest gym chain by membership and was the first in the UK to gain 1 million members. With a head office in Leeds and gyms all over the country (set to hit the 300 mark in 2020), PureGym pioneer a low cost, high quality fitness experience for their customers.

The Challenge

Having signed an exclusive partnership with Lucozade, PureGym was looking for a way to reward their members with an inclusive and unique promotion, with the opportunity to win a Fitbit simply by attending the gym.

Crucial for PureGym was to create a campaign mechanism that would enable their members to enter quickly and simply on the go. Specifically it needed to have the capability to only be entered by those members that were using the facilities. The client required an efficient, innovative and cost-effective solution to engage and target their members in this way. 

The Solution

By partnering with Fluid Ads for their campaign activation, PureGym was able to tap into the unique capabilities of the Fluid Ads platform to build, target and report on their digital display campaigns.

PureGym tapped into the market-leading Geofencing capabilities available from Fluid Ads.

Geofences were drawn over 102 PureGym locations over the period of a month, pooling each and every visitor to those gyms during the campaign timeframe.

This was done over a satellite image of each gym in the Fluid Ads platform. This meant that every single one of the 102 gyms had an accurate geofence drawn around it, ensuring smooth and seamless campaign activation across multiple sites, without the need for any additional hardware or software installation in any of the locations.

Each visitor was served with a beautifully designed, high-impact digital display ad as they browsed the web on their mobile device while on the premises. It was even displayed to them cross-device once they left the gym, running for one month. 

The Result

Both PureGym and Lucozade were able to reach their target audience in a new and innovative way, with no requirements for placing hardware on their premises or installing tracking software to pool their users.

The campaign drove significant engagement with a CTR increase of 157% over the industry standard for digital display campaigns.

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