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Drako Media Group almost triple CTR with Fluid Ads

Client Drako Media Group and Hyundai Saint Laurent

Sector Automotive

Country Canada

Employees 8+


Canadian agency Drako Media Group are experts in location-based mobile marketing, partnering with their clients using their cutting-edge mobile marketing expertise to generate in-store traffic. Their clients range from large national brands to local clients. In this study, Drako Media worked with Hyundai Saint Laurent, a leading Hyundai dealership in Montreal.

The Challenge


Hyundai Saint Laurent are running highly efficient sales and marketing operations, continuously striving to improve their results.


Hyundai Saint Laurent approached Drako Media Group with a challenge to improve their top of funnel marketing. The goal was to double the number of leads that entered their lead nurture program from their display advertising channels whilst maintaining a fixed budget.

The Solution


Drako Media Group decided to use their expertise in location-based mobile marketing combining it with the Fluid Ads solution for inventory based advertising.


In a matter of days Fluid Ads connected to the live inventory data feed for new and used vehicles at Hyundai Saint Laurent, set up an ad design fitting the brands profile and had automatically updating dynamic assets ready to be used in the display campaigns Drako Media Group had configured.


Drako Media Group actively monitored the performance of the campaigns and, proactively optimised the campaigns, the creatives and the filtered content from the inventory feed to ensure target meeting results.

The Result


Drako Media Group using the Fluid Ads technology delivered on the challenge from Hyundai Saint Laurent and doubled the efficiency of their top of funnel marketing keeping a constant budget.


The click-through rate of the campaign was doubled and conversions kept at a constant level. All of this was achieved within a startup period of less than one week. The solution for inventory driven advertising is now an integral part of the Hyundai Saint Laurent online advertising delivering new leads on a daily basis.


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“"It almost tripled the CTR performance helping us to renew this account for 2019"”

Laurent Elkaim, CEO and Co-founder

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Drako Media Group and Hyundai Saint Laurent








"It almost tripled the CTR performance helping us to renew this account for 2019"

Laurent Elkaim, CEO and Co-founder

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