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Why it’s time to get rid of that expensive creative agency

How much is your business spending monthly and annually for your current creative agency? Chances are it will be a significant amount. Are you happy to continue this way with your budget or are you looking for opportunities to reduce your external spend on agencies?

In-housing is a very real thing and one that more and more businesses are actively doing. Some brands are beginning to trim costs by as much as 30%, simply by bringing production and elements of the ad buying process in house. Others have reportedly cut agency spend by around $100 million

Even if your agency spend doesn’t quite hit those heights there can be many reasons why it makes sense to trim or remove the creative agency cost.

Save Time

Let’s consider your digital display ads.

Consumer journeys are no longer linear. Users switch between devices constantly, toggle between social media platforms and spend time online doing very different things at different times of the day.

That means that you need multiple ads in varying shapes and sizes, with different messages for the same campaigns and offers. It’s complicated, time-consuming and costly for a creative agency to build this many ad variations.

The Fluid Ads Ad builder automatically formats your ad into any digital ad banner size or shape. Time-saving features are also built in to automatically harvest company assets. Crucially, through the use of dynamic content you can change your messaging to be always relevant to your user in that specific moment.

Your creative agency simply can’t compete.

Save Money

When something takes time, you know it will cost money too. 

Whilst your creative agency simply can’t manually replicate the above capabilities, if they attempted to then the hours and the cost would stack up. Remember that our Ad Builder completely removes the need for an expensive creative agency to work on your digital display ads at all. See the results we were able to achieve for Woolworths

Your costs can be instantly cut too.

Boost productivity and enhance creativity

By taking these repetitive tasks of reformatting and tweaking ads away from your creative agency or your internal team, you will rejuvenate them and enable them to focus on bigger, more creative and strategic tasks. 

When automating the entire reformatting and resizing process you will immediately see a boost in productivity and enhance efficiencies. Specifically, we’ve seen productivity increase by 3900% in a matter of weeks simply through the automation provided by our ad builder.

Keep your ads always up to date

With an ever-changing inventory of products, live deals and multiple offers running at the same time, can your creative agency cope? Will they be able to build ads quick enough to keep up? 

If not, your users will be served out of date ads. It’s unthinkable really. 

Ditching the overreliance on individual creatives and bringing automation into the equation through data-driven feed ads will provide your users the all-important customer experience with ads that are always up to date. It will also save time and money, as well as ensuring your internal teams are as efficient as possible. 

For brands looking to remove the need for a creative agency and find a cost-effective, high-performing and efficient solution for ad production, get in touch today to find out more about how Fluid Ads will revolutionise your business.

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