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Why Agencies choose Fluid Ads

We work with a range of media agencies to ensure that they can provide an end-to-end solution for their clients. Campaigns will be targeted, precise and most-importantly high-performing. Here’s how we can help you to provide ongoing value to your clients and their digital advertising strategies.

Win more business

By employing creative selling techniques and enabling your clients or potential clients to visualise exactly how their digital display ads will look once live, you’ll find campaign sign off a much smoother process.

Through the Fluid Ads Ad Builder you can build on-brand award-winning digital display ads for all your client base in minutes, well before their campaigns go live. It’s a simple formula for successful sign off and that’s only the first reason why agencies choose Fluid Ads.

Activate campaigns quicker

Is your client’s creative agency eating into their digital display budget and time? Many brands will work with a creative agency to not only set the tone for their branding, but also to create brand assets, including digital display ads.

It can be a time-consuming process and one that usually holds up the activation of campaigns, especially when a variety of assets are needed in multiple sizes and shapes.
Our ad builder completely removes the need for expensive and time-consuming creative. You now have the ability to build beautiful, feature-rich, multi-shape HTML5 ads in minutes for all your clients. Go-live time will be dramatically reduced.

Secure more budget

The fact you now offer an end-to-end solution for your clients ensures that any budget that would have been spent on expensive creative will now come to you.
And due to the fact that your solution for ad creation is much more cost-effective you give your clients the opportunity to spend more budget on acquiring more media with you. It’s win-win.

Keep your staff costs down

Bringing ad creation in-house within your agency might suggest more staff costs in terms of employing specialist designers and creatives. However, the simplicity and intuitiveness of our ad builder ensures that anyone within your team will be able to build ads without any need for extensive design experience.

Up-skilling your existing team will be a simple and straightforward process, while still maintaining ad quality for all your clients.

Solve your clients’ biggest challenges

When speaking to your clients about digital display advertising it may quickly become clear that they face a number of challenges that are holding them back from really getting the business benefits.

By partnering with us, you’ll ensure you can solve these issues and secure that crucial client budget in the process.

If your client says that the size and ever-changing nature of their inventory is too complicated for ads to keep up to date with, offer them a solution that includes In-Feed ads. For those that need their digital spend to work in tandem with their physical stores, Geofencing is the way to go.

When they cite the need to create ads in multiple languages for a variety of territories, ensure that they understand the capabilities of dynamic creative.

Being flexible and proactive in relation to your client’s needs will see you become a trusted agency for them and digital partner moving forward.

Provide ongoing value to your clients

The role of a media agency should never be limited to just one channel. But even if you work with a client purely from a digital display perspective you can still ensure that you provide them with essential value for the rest of their channels.

Through advanced insights reporting, you’ll be reporting on everything and providing details on the metrics that matter for your clients. Importantly they will now have 360° insights that will help them to further understand the audience demographics that provide the most value to their business. Your agency will be giving value that helps your clients to make strategic decisions on their upcoming digital display campaigns, as well as across all of their key channels.

Get in touch today to take the first step to become an essential digital partner for all of your clients and hear more on why agencies choose Fluid Ads.

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