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What does the future hold for digital advertising?

The digital marketing industry has continued to grow year on year since 2012 and remains one of the UK’s fastest growing industries.

In 2019 the global spend on digital advertising was valued between $290 and $310 billion.

A survey by Outlook released in 2016, revealed internet advertising space could expand at a rate of about 11.1% in the next five years, taking it from $153.65 billion to $260.36 billion in 2020.

Internet users are consistently exposed to digital display adverts, whether they are checking their favourite blog sites, visiting social media platforms, or searching for cheap plane tickets; they are almost certainly going to be exposed to a digital display advert and that rings even more true in 2020.

This article will define what digital display advertising is, and the benefits of using digital advertising platforms on the market today.

What Is Digital Display Advertising?

Digital display advertising uses visual adverts to promote products or services to an online audience; visual ads typically include a call to action. Digital display advertising is a very effective method of raising brand awareness, increasing relevant website traffic, and designing digital display adverts that appeal to a particular target audience.

Almost half of the world’s population uses the internet and this number is growing year on year which suggests that the opportunities of digital display advertising will only increase as time goes on.

We have put together 4 reasons why we think digital display advertising has the most opportunities for marketers looking to advertise online

1. Digital Display Advertising is more appealing

Plain text is boring, users are more likely to be attracted to a beautifully designed digital display advert than they would a plain text PPC advert, for example.  Unlike regular PPC ads which are limited to text only, you can design and style your digital display advert to get anyone’s attention. This includes using graphics, audio, video, or company branding.

2. It supports brand awareness

How often does plain text draw your attention, even in everyday life? Digital display adverts attract user’s attention using animation, brightly coloured text, and company branding. It is a lot more effective to raise brand awareness when you have the option of adding your branding to an advertisement.

3. Display Advertising supports Retargeting

Retargeting means putting your advert in front of people who have previously expressed an interest in your offering, or maybe they have items in an abandoned cart. These people have visited your website before, and that means you probably had something they wanted but for some reason they did not complete the purchase. Digital display advertising allows you to reach them once again, giving you another opportunity to convert them.

4. Targeted Campaigns

Digital advertising makes it easy for you to target your audience by demographics and online and physical behaviours. Using the Fluid Ad’s all in one digital advertising platform, you can easily place your ads online where your target audience loves visiting. Fluid Ads allows you to create digital display adverts and target specific demographics using geofencing, keyword targeting and other similar strategies.

To find out more about our all in one digital display ad platform create an account today or contact us.

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