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Use just Sold Ads to generate awareness and new business

Fluid Ads Sold Ads are intended to drive lead generation and brand recognition to a local market in which you have sold homes

Just Sold Ads should be an essential accompaniment to your circle marketing efforts subsequent of your For Sale Marketing for any particular listing. This ad will demonstrate your success in marketing to potential new seller leads by illustrating the last ten homes that you have sold, in the closest proximity to your listing. The ad will also significantly add to brand/image recognition for all other post sales marketing.

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The ad displays the front image of your last ten listings scrolled by within a 2 second interval ending with a customizable call to action. The broker or team logo, direct contact information and agent image are also included in the ad. The click link destination would be to any page on your website, such as your testimonial page, home valuation page or maybe a seller’s guide. If you do not have an independent site the ad will click through to your profile page.

The ads will run in Geofenced area surrounding the listing address. The add will utilize Google’s real estate related behavioral model targeting.

Pricing per single property:

Deployment Level – $5.00 /day

Yields 30,000 impressions with a 90 potential click-through-rate per month*. Ad displayed to persons located within 1km from the centroid of property address.

Growth Level – $10.00 /day

Yields 90,000 impressions with a 270 potential click-through-rate per month*. Ad displayed to persons located within 2km from the centroid of property address.

Doubleclick (the display advertising part of Google) further breaks down good click through rates according to different types of ads. For example, overall display ad CTR is 0.05%, rich media ad CTR is 0.1% and Facebook Ad CTR ranges from 0.5% to 1.6%.

Understanding what a good click-through-rate is and how to improve it for your business is essential. 

Explore the different possibilities for Realtors.

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Find out more

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