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Tips for Media Agencies to Choose the Right Ad-Tech Partner

At Fluid Ads, we don’t refer to ourselves as an ad-tech provider. We prefer to be viewed as an ad-tech partner, as we partner directly with our agency clients to ensure they can provide their clients with high-performing digital display solutions.

We also understand that with the number of ad-tech and martech solutions out there, agencies face a difficult decision to find a partner that works with their business in a smooth and efficient manner, as well as one that adds ongoing value. 

These are the key considerations to work through when choosing the right ad-tech partner for the needs of your agency. 

1.How are you enhancing your current offering?

By bringing ad-tech into the equation, you’re looking to enhance your offering and ensure you can provide new and better solutions for your clients. Your chosen ad-tech simply has to make the service you can offer to your clients better.

Take ad creation for example.

Access to an intuitive and easy to use ad builder ensures that anyone in your team will be able to create beautiful, feature-rich, multi-shape and multi-format digital display ads in minutes. Crucially, you’ll be offering a cost-effective and award-winning solution for your clients when it comes to creating their digital display ads.

There’ll be no need for them to waste time and money on expensive ad creative.

2.What problems are you solving for your clients?

The right ad-tech provider will help you solve your clients’ biggest challenges. Too many agencies provide off-the-shelf solutions to their clients without tailoring them to their specific needs. This approach will eventually result in your clients looking elsewhere to an agency that promises bespoke solutions and strategies to fit their needs.

Now you can be that agency.

Start by evaluating the individual needs of your clients and ask yourself how your chosen ad-tech partner can help you solve them.

What issues do your clients face when it comes to; the size of their inventory? Can they keep their ads up to date? Are they struggling to get enough footfall into their stores? How important is connecting with a local audience to them? Are they getting the most out of their retargeting campaigns? Is brand awareness or customer loyalty the main objective?

At Fluid Ads, we partner with media agencies to help provide bespoke solutions for their clients to solve their ongoing business challenges.

3.How easy will it be for your team to activate?

The best ad-tech makes the complex simple. Whilst you might begin to win new client pitches and promise best in class solutions for your existing clients that include Geofencing, geo-targeting, dynamic creative and in-feed ads, you’ll end up with a very unhappy client base if your team can’t properly activate the campaigns.

You also don’t want to spend additional budget on hiring specialists when you’re already paying to work with your ad-tech provider.

The best providers ensure that not only do you have access to market-leading technology, they make sure that it can be activated with a simple, straightforward and intuitive process.

4.How agile does the technology enable you to be?

Agility is a real buzzword in the media agency world and it’s one that gets thrown around a lot and not always with the actions to back it up.

Clients demand agility from their agencies, but too often it isn’t delivered. If you begin working with an ad-tech provider that provides slow and cumbersome technology it will be counterproductive for your campaigns and client relationships.

A partner that provides up-to-the-second insights and enables you to make instant campaign tweaks to improve performance is highly desirable. As is one that ensures that ads can be built, flighted and live quickly.

Both of these factors ensure you can deliver on the promise of agility to your clients.

5.What additional value can you add to your clients?

The right ad-tech provider will help you better understand your clients’ users. It’s essential to work with a partner that provides detailed reporting and insights that help you to better activate digital display campaigns on behalf of your clients. That’s the performance element covered.

If you can then use these metrics to offer actionable insights to your clients about the needs of their customers, you’ll begin to provide additional value outside the activation of their campaigns. That’s how you make an impact across their entire business.

If you’re looking to enhance your operation and provide your clients with the answers to their digital advertising problems, contact us today to find out more.

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