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The all-in-one digital ad platform from Fluid Ads

Fluid Ads is the digital partner used by many major global brand names. Woolworths, Direct Ferries, Communicorp, Sainsbury, and Nisa to name but a few have all chosen Fluid Ads to boost digital performance.

When a company places its clients at the forefront of each strategy and happily challenges the status quo on how their business engages in digital advertising, people sit up and take notice.
Securing an online presence and acquiring growth in 2020 has proved fundamental to the survival and success of businesses in an ever changing, unpredictable global environment. Businesses that understand the need to reach and engage the right online audience will reap the benefits whether in-store or online.

That’s why clients choose Fluid Ads, because good products, and best practices lead to positive changes. Take a look at exactly how Fluid Ads can help accomplish your digital marketing goals with our groundbreaking, all in one digital advertising platform

One-stop ad platform

The Fluid Ads all in one digital advertising platform has been meticulously designed, with user experience at the forefront, to provide all the necessary functions needed to successfully run a digital advertising campaign. Within the platform, you can design entire ad sets, geographically target relevant audiences, implement them into live ad campaigns, and report on performance; all in one place. There is no longer any need to disperse focus and energies on repetitive tasks and cross-platform analysis. The ad platform allows companies to base their digital strategies from one launchpad and drive digital advertising performance.

What are the benefits and results?

A simple system that achieves complex results is just one outcome to be expected when using the Fluid Ads platform for digital display campaigns. Successful brand awareness, lead generation, conversions, improved sales, profits, and ROI are further vital outcomes that can be anticipated when engaging Fluid Ads to complement current marketing and advertising strategies.

Recently, Fluid Ads were chosen by a leading European Travel Aggregator to kick off a trial in boosting digital advertising performance. Through various A/B tests of multilingual creatives, Geofenced hotspots, keywords and retargeted visitors, there were many great insights gained, but at the end of the day the one that matters is the 90% margin ROI.

In short – Fluid Ads provides customers with what any business needs from a revolutionary digital advertising platform; confidence that it will deliver results.

How does Fluid Ads help?

Fluid Ads clients and users can choose from a variety of advertising tactics to boost business and profits. The Fluid Ads platform comprises Ad Builder, In-Feed Ads (Product Ads), Geolocation, Geofencing, Retargeting, and Reporting features; all designed to bring new performance gains to your company’s ad campaigns. These features are thoroughly designed to provide cost-effective digital advertising strategies that remove some of the lengthy and laborious tasks and generate many more benefits.

Ad Builder

Dynamic contemporary templates make ad creation an easy and pleasant experience. Users can generate stunning HTML5 ads in minutes, even with no previous design experience. Templates with proven high levels of target audience engagement can be found in the template library to quickly switch out elements in this intuitive product. The HTML5 Ad Builder provides automated sizing and formatting for any digital ad banner size and shape. Drive visual Ad creative easily with any updates to your Ads reflected live in your campaigns, leaving you more time to focus on other tasks.

In-Feed Ads

The only answer to online product advertising for businesses operating with an ecommerce website or with product/service listings online. Fluid Ads does not compromise on functionality when it comes to the development of its digital advertising tools. In-Feed Ads are another example of how customers use Fluid Ads tools to produce appealing ad designs connected to their product listings which automatically and easily promote their products online.
By connecting a data feed to ads, customers can rapidly elevate their ad value as visitors receive real-time promotional and informational offerings. Conveniently, once Feed Ads are set-up, clients can enjoy a hands-off advertising process that is always accurate and only advertises available products/services, saving valuable time and Ad spend.

Campaign management

Once you’ve created your Ad, the fun doesn’t stop there. Fluid Ads campaigns have high-performance targeting tactics to get your Ads seen by the right people, at the right time. You also have the option to take your tags away to send ad campaigns live on a third-party server.

Fluid Ads campaigns can be paused and refined on the go, ensuring Ad optimisation is as lean as it can be. Take a look at the five targeting options available:

  • Contextual Ads

Contextual targeting provides a way to show your ads on relevant sites to your business or offering.

  • Keyword Ads

Use keywords that are relevant to products or services and display your Ads to users searching those terms.

  • Geofencing Ads

Define hotspot locations to target your potential customer base with visual creative that could be in-store, a competitor or the local area.

  • Geolocation Ads

Target a larger geographic area of users that meet your target audience criteria.

  • Retargeting Ads

Retarget users who have already engaged with your business. Simply place a Fluid Ads pixel on your website and retarget users with compelling creative.


Fluid Ads provides full ad campaign analysis to learn from current campaigns and use these insights to drive innovation and new performance gains.

Last words

Fluid Ads is the platform for businesses wanting a self-serve solution for their own digital advertising. If that’s you, play before you play with our 30-day free trial where you can experience the Ad Builder, In-Feed Ads and Campaigns functionality in the Ad platform – only pay when you want to send your campaigns live. Make us your one-stop location to drive business to the next level with ad building, targeted delivery, and ad reporting that counts.

Fluid Ads are a team of experts ready to drive results so if you’re looking for a digital ad partner to help manage and improve digital advertising performance contact us today.

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