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Target audiences and boost traffic with our four tactics

Increasing website traffic is always a fundamental aspect of any digital advertising strategy.

No doubt you have big traffic goals to hit and are continually looking at ways to increase traffic and enhance the performance of your website.

Here are four tactics to target your audiences that are proven to work.

1. Tailor your advertising to reach only your defined audience

The more tailored, personalised and specific your digital display ads, the more likely a user will click through to your website. Ads that are too general feel like a “hit and hope”; something that really isn’t going to generate an increase in traffic.

Bringing an element of precision removes this hit and hope. Take Geotargeting for example. This enables you to target your defined customer demographic, narrow down to a specific geographic area so that your ads will reach that audience and only that audience.

2. Target similar audiences

A “similar audience” will find users with the same product interests as your current website visitors.

These users may not know about you and your product offering yet, but they have shown an affinity for products that are similar to yours, ensuring a much higher level of engagement than standard digital display ads.

Crucial to ensure that this tactic has the most success in driving traffic will be the ability to provide both product and brand messages. By including multi-click ads into your campaign creative you’ll offer the opportunity to cater to the varying needs of your users, directing traffic to multiple areas on your site, whether users want more information on products or your brand.

3. Retarget existing website visitors

This has been proven time and again to boost your traffic. Users that have previously viewed your website are already engaged, meaning it is much easier to encourage them to return than going after completely new users.

Fundamental to Retargeting success will be the need to segment your audience based on their behaviour online, ensuring your digital display ads are tailored and relevant to their needs.

Product Remarketing is crucial here, ensuring you show the exact product that was previously viewed or left abandoned in their basket.

4. Engage with your existing customers

Email marketing campaigns are central to this as is the ability to target existing customers with digital display ads, through Retargeting with a different message following their purchase.

The next level of this is an ability to re-engage with existing customers that visited you in-store. Once a customer has spent time in one of your physical locations and perhaps made a purchase, Geofencing enables you to re-engage with them cross-device once they have left your store. A new and enticing offer could be all that’s needed to ensure they check your website as well as visit you in person again.

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