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How to increase conversions to sell more tickets

The appetite to experience live music and live events is there from consumers but, so is the choice. With the festival season in both the US and UK expanding year on year and with more and more festivals popping up; the competition is fierce.

During 2016 in the UK, 30 million people attended a live music event, while in the US nearly 52% of the population attends some form of music event every year. Therefore, there is an increased need to ensure your digital advertising strategy increases your conversions and impacts those all-important ticket sales.

Here are some essential tactics to help you do exactly that.

1.Engage with users that have already viewed your website
Whether you’re selling tickets to a festival or for a number of live events, the announcement is hugely important. Announcing live acts will instantly create the buzz around your event, with people visiting your website for confirmation that their favourite artist or band is playing.

But that doesn’t mean that they’ll buy tickets there and then. They might make a note that they plan to go, but they may be waiting to organise their friendship group, decide which ticket type they want or to save the money for the ticket. There’s any number of reasons why they won’t purchase immediately.

On the other side, you might announce that tickets go on sale in a few days and want to keep the interest up in the intervening period.

It’s essential to stay fresh in your customers’ minds by retargeting them with relevant ads that remind them how quickly tickets are selling out, or detailing exactly when they go on sale.

2.Remind them of the great time they’ve just had

Once people leave a live music event, they’ll likely be feeling euphoric and be running through the memories of a special evening. This feeling will no doubt stay with them in the ensuing days as they’re telling their peers about the event or night and potentially planning the next one.

Through geo fencing, you have the ability to draw a digital fence around your location, placing a digital marker on everyone that attended your event. This means you can serve those previous customers with tailored ads letting them know about the amazing events you have coming up. If you get your timing right and catch them when they’re still reminiscing and nostalgic you’ll create that opportunity to secure returning visitors.

3.Tailor your advertising to a specific demographic

In the USA, those attending live music events are 26% more likely to be millennials. Therefore, it’s crucial to target your advertising to those in that age group. That’s just the first step, it’s also essential to make sure that you create ads that are on brand and appeal to that audience. Everything from the images you use, your call to action, any offers and your messaging will all have an impact.

4. Keep everything up to date

Are you advertising for multiple events at the same time? Do you have different tiers for the tickets at your festival? Are tickets selling fast?

When the demand is there, tickets are selling and things are changing quickly, it’s essential that you keep your ads up-to-date. If a user sees a gig that appeals to them, or an offer for a festival weekend pass that’s within their budget, they’ll click through on your ad with intent to convert. If your ad is in fact out of date and the offer no longer available, you’ll lose them for that sale and potentially those in the future. Keeping all ads up-to-date and relevant for your users is a simple and straightforward process when using feed ads.

5.Get your timing right when selling tickets to a local audience

When is your event? If you’re looking to sell the last few tickets on the day or in the few days leading up to it, it’s likely you’ll do so by engaging with a local audience. If it’s a few weeks away, the potential customers will likely be from a wider geographic area as they’ll have time to travel and potentially book a hotel. Geotargeting enables you to define the geographic area in which to target your core demographic with digital display ads; however timing will play a huge role in their success.

Whatever your target audience and the nature of the event, in such a competitive environment, the right advertising strategy can do wonders for your ticket sales. So, if you want to spend your advertising budget wisely, boost the efficiency of your digital display ads and enhance your online marketing strategy contact us today to learn more or book a demo to see for yourself.

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