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Quickbuilder launched by Fluid Ads makes designing Ads rapid

The fastest way to start advertising. Everything you need to make an ad in minutes.

Fluid Ads are delighted to announce the release of the Quickbuilder in the Fluid Ads Platform. The Quickbuilder is the latest Ad Building solution which ultimately helps you build more Ads even faster.

See how fast you can build Ads with our Quickbuilder

The Quickbuilder from Fluid Ads allows users to design Ads rapidly by guiding you through the key components of an ad which can be adjusted to quickly finalise the ad design all from one single screen.

Fluid Ads deliver the full end-to-end digital ad campaigns process through four key areas:

  • Building Ads – Quickly design your Ads
  • Targeting Ads – With Contextual, Keyword Search, Geofencing Ads, Geolocation and Retargeting Ads options in platform you can target your ads to the right audience.
  • Media Buying – Easily buy the right media space to showcase your ads through our ad platform
  • Reporting – Industry leading reporting plus prospecting B2B insights for prospecting

Fluid Ads Quickbuilder

The concept for the Fluid Ads Quickbuilder is to provide a simple interface that easily and quickly guides a user through the ad design process and that’s exactly what we have done.

  • The Quickbuilder is over 50% faster for a first time user
  • All ad templates are available to use in the Quickbuilder
  • A simple interface makes it super easy and fast to finalise ad designs
  • The Quickbuilder can be used with all your uploaded imagery (JPG, png, SVG)
  • Ideal for agencies looking to make quick, beautiful and on brand digital ads
  • Designs created can be saved as new templates

We’re looking for users to give us their thoughts during the BETA trial for our Quickbuilder.

At Fluid Ads we’re are always looking to add value through our Ad solutions, and would love the opportunity to go on this journey together to build the best solution to rapidly create ads. We want users to be able to:
  • Build beautiful on-brand display ads quickly and with no design effort
  • Increase output and reduce the time spent on creatives
  • Deliver the full end-to-end ad campaign process
  • Increase the capacity to deliver more for your clients

Sign up for a complimentary account where you will be able to access the Quickbuilder to design your ads rapidly.

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