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Are your campaigns ready for the Q3 2019 retail calendar?

The third calendar quarter of the year promises to be an extremely busy time for retailers. Early July sees the start of Wimbledon in the UK, the 4th of July celebrations in the US and Independent retailer day. The August bank holiday is a key opportunity in the UK as is the onset of Dance & Music Festival season globally.

In this quarter, we’re also set to see the impact of International Friendship Day on the 30th July. The day is all about promoting peace across cultures and nations. Where once this was a day predominantly celebrated in Asia, in 2019 it’s predicted to have a global impact.

Have you got your campaigns planned?

Consideration #1: Are your ads ready to go?

  1. Have you decided on your central campaign messaging? Do you know your key products for the different dates in the retail calendar? What are your top promotions?
  2. Once these key factors are signed off, the time will arrive to have your ads created. With a multitude of campaigns, comes the need for multiple ad creatives to ensure all messaging is tailored for the individual campaign thus optimise performance.
  3. What about costs and efficiencies?

By building your ads through the Fluid Ads ad builder, you’ll have beautiful, feature rich, multi-shape HTML5s ads built in minutes for all your campaigns, removing the need for timely and costly ad creative.

Consideration #2: Do you know who you’re targeting?

What insight can you take from your previous digital display campaigns? With the right insight and data you’ll have the ability to segment your audience. You’ll know the audience demographics that have the best chance of converting and those that do so on your highest value items.

By keeping your advertising targeted, tailored and as relevant as possible, you’ll be well on your way to driving higher click-throughs and conversions, ultimately boosting your sales over this busy trading period.

Consideration #3: What happens if your products start to sell out?

This is a good problem to have right? You want your products to sell out as it means your advertising is definitely doing something right.

However, you don’t want to increase frustration amongst your customers by providing them with out-of-date ads for those products that have in fact sold out whilst simultaneously wasting budget. A busy trading period with chances of selling out, requires an agile approach to digital display advertising.

You need to be able to respond in a flexible manner to any changes to your stock and inventory. This simply can’t be done by relying on your internal staff to track all products manually and your creative team to continually change ads at the drop of a hat.

By tapping into the capabilities of feed ads, you’ll simply connect your inventory to your digital display ads through a live data feed. Your ads will automatically update in line with any changes to your inventory in real time speeding up the process for everyone and eliminating the risk of human error.

If a product sells out, no problem. Your ads will always change. And the upshot for the consumer? The ads they see will be relevant and up-to-date.

Consideration #4: What happens if you need to change your campaigns quickly?

So, you’ve been planning all your Q3 campaigns well in advance. You’ve got your Independence Day or Labor Day messaging in place. Your Wimbledon campaigns are ready to go, or your Glastonbury ads have just gone live.

Then everything changes, the weather takes a turn for the worse or the press runs a story that’s a marketers’ dream or nightmare. Literally anything can happen.

Dynamic creative provides this flexibility for your digital display campaigns, ensuring that you can change your ads in line with external data. This could include the weather, political events, time of day and even local events. That means that your users will be served ads that are relevant in that moment and speak to the wider news agenda around that specific event.

Your campaigns will be both agile and flexible.

Contact us today or book a demo to find out how Fluid Ads can revolutionise your digital advertising strategy and boost the performance of your campaigns in Q3.

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