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Media Agencies: How to help your clients win with their local advertising strategies

Winning new business and keeping hold of existing clients is a huge challenge for media agencies.

Clients are continually looking for new ways to save money and boost the performance of their digital advertising campaigns. For some that means bringing elements of the media buying and activation processes in-house.

With in-housing a very real threat to media agencies, it’s crucial that agencies continue to provide value and results for their clients.

Offering value by partnering with your clients

It’s no longer enough simply to offer your clients the services that you specialise in as an agency.

Clients demand cross-channel strategies that work in unison and are tired of dealing with agencies that activate campaigns on multiple channels yet work in silos.

In essence, they require a digital partner that intrinsically understands their business and market, as well as their short-term and long-term challenges.

Agencies that provide bespoke solutions to specific client problems are those that continue to win in the current media landscape.

These are five tactics to ensure your clients succeed with their local advertising strategies:

1. Supplement their existing activity

A local PPC strategy will benefit from additional onsite optimisation to compete in the organic search rankings, while a client that is already investing in local SEO may see enhanced performance through tweaks to their PPC strategy. Your search teams should be working together for the benefit of the client. Too often in agencies, they don’t.

Those investing in above-the-line local advertising tactics may benefit from adding a digital element to these such as the inclusion of hashtags and live tweeting during broadcasts, as well as more targeted digital advertising campaigns on a local level.

Never limit yourself to the campaigns you’re currently running. Always push your teams to supplement these with additional activity to increase local performance. This is where you’ll provide ongoing value.

2. Reach a defined audience on a local level

Clients wanting to increase brand awareness for their products and services with a specific set of people in a local area, simply won’t want to waste their budget by hoping that their ads will reach their target demographic.

They need the precision to know that they will target that defined audience and only that audience.

Put simply, they don’t want to hit and hope anymore. Geotargeting provides this precision, ensuring that all their digital display ads will only be seen by that exact target audience in a defined local area. No budget will be wasted, and performance will be enhanced, providing immediate value to your client in line with their objectives.

3. Increase footfall in physical locations

With the high street continuing to suffer and performance down for many retailers, a key objective for your client may well be to increase footfall in their stores and locations.

To do this, it’s essential that they can reach people in close proximity to their location and incentivise them to come in. An agency that comes with Geofencing as a solution will be the one that ensures their client wins.

Through the creation of a geofence around a defined location, anyone who enters the fence will have a digital marker placed on them and will receive ads on their mobile device. Ensuring your clients have the capability to do this is just the start, working with them to build winning creative is what will get customers in store and spending their money.

It’s a cost-effective solution without any need to install hardware and software in each location and one that can run across multiple stores simultaneously.

4. Boost cross-channel engagement

Geofencing isn’t just a tactic to increase footfall into a specific location. When done well it can enhance the cross-channel experience desired by consumers.

Customers in 2019 demand personalisation. They want ads that are relevant and tailored to them.

You may already be doing this with your online customers through tactics including Retargeting. Geofencing on the other hand enables you to do this in the real world. You now have the opportunity to help your clients to re-engage with local customers that have visited their locations, by serving them with tailored and personalised ads on any device for a defined time period after they have left the store.

5. Increase audience understanding

A successful local digital advertising strategy doesn’t begin and end with campaign activation. Reporting is crucial to help your clients to better understand their audience and tailor their upcoming campaigns.

Reporting from Geotargeting campaigns offers insight on how this demographic engaged with ads, which creatives worked and what drove performance. The insights gleaned from Geofencing campaigns provide a deeper understanding of the wider local audience, specifically which customer demographics were brought into store by which offers and where they spent their money.

At Fluid Ads we work with a range of media agencies to ensure they can provide products and services to their clients that will always make a difference to their individual businesses performance. See how you can become a digital partner for your clients.

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