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Marketing tips for e-commerce websites | Series 9

At Fluid Ads, we understand the challenges that e-commerce retailers face. It’s so important that online retailers get their approach to marketing and advertising right.

To help, we’re offering 5 new tips to ensure online sellers of all sizes can begin to build high-performing, tailored and personalised marketing strategies that engage with their consumers, boost their profits and impact their bottom line.

Here are tips 41 to 45. Don’t forget to look out for our previous weeks’ tips.

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41. Make a good first impression

When a user first lands on your website, it can take just a few milliseconds for them to form long-lasting opinions about your brand, business and products.

Of course, your website needs to be optimised for SEO, but too often this results in websites packed with onsite content for content’s sake, resulting in a poor design with little consideration for the user journey. When designing your site in the first place, re-designing, re-branding, or re-platforming it’s crucial to take a user-centric approach to guarantee that it provides the best possible user experience for your consumers.

This will impact the design of the homepage, category pages and product pages, as well as the site hierarchy and use of images and video.

42. Don’t ignore the world around you

Do you see a sales spike at certain times of year? Do you stock products that are in demand during specific types of weather? Are your best sellers seasonal?

If so, the weather, and specifically changes in the weather, should feed into your advertising strategy to enhance performance. It’s therefore essential that you are able to react in an agile manner with flexibility in your digital advertising approach to ensure you can get weather-specific ads live in a timely fashion.

A cost-effective solution to build digital display ads at scale coupled with the ability to quickly change creative in line with external events, through Dynamic Creative is vital.

43. Simplify your online payment method

Cart abandonment is a huge problem for many online retailers. Whilst it’s important to try and re-engage and win these users back through Retargeting or abandoned cart email tactics, it’s also crucial to understand why this happens and to rectify the issue before it occurs.

According to research, 40% of carts are abandoned at payment stage due to either the process being too complicated, specifically having to create an account, or a lack of payment options.

The solution? Offer multiple payment options and don’t force customers to create an account – alternatives for the latter include enabling them to purchase as a guest or log in through their existing social media accounts.

44. Focus on wearable technology

Wearable technology is set to be big in 2020. Previous attempts such as Google Glass may have struggled, but that hasn’t stopped the industry continuing to develop more options.

When wearables become widely adopted the opportunities for brands to connect with these users will be huge. The importance of the data from wearable technology has recently been illustrated by the $2.1billion purchase of Fitbit by Google. The industry is only set to grow and grow as we move into 2020.

The question is, how do you use this to your advantage? Watch this space.

45. Play the long game

Of course, it’s fundamental for the success of your business to focus on the short-term by ensuring your website is performing from a sales perspective and you’re getting the bang for your buck from any digital advertising campaigns you’re running.

You also need to consider playing the long game and focusing on your brand, as well as how to build an engaged community of users. Targeted brand awareness campaigns will help you with the former, while the latter will be served by your organic social media channels for example.

Consider investing in other ways to build this community, such as a dedicated website for publishing content or a forum. A well-executed forum will enable you to harvest a bank of users that align with your product values and become invested in your brand.

Remember, a loyal customer is worth so much more than a high single purchase user.

Learn how Fluid Ads can improve advertising performance for your e-commerce business by getting in touch with us today. Make sure you look out for next week’s five essential tips.

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