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Marketing tips for eCommerce websites | Series 2

At Fluid Ads, we’re focusing on the importance of eCommerce retailers getting their marketing strategies right. To help you do just that, we’re releasing 5 marketing and advertising tips for eCommerce websites to boost their profits every single week.

Here are our marketing tips for eCommerce six to ten. Make sure you read our first series for tips one to five.

6. Always make sure all of your digital display ads are up to date

Whether you’re targeting a specific audience, focusing on Retargeting, contextual targeting or your brand awareness campaigns, you simply won’t create the required customer experience if your ads are out of date.

Consider this scenario. You retarget a previous user of your website, focusing on a product they’ve shown interest in, with a deal that’s sure to grab their attention. They click through to site, only to find that the product is in fact sold out or the deal that was advertised is no longer running. You’ll lose that customer and the sale. 

The customer experience you provided will have been poor and they’ll have no issues with purchasing from one of your competitors in the future. In-feed ads brings some much needed automation into your display campaigns and ensures this situation of poor CX never occurs or costs you sales.

7. Engage with customers in their native language

If you’re servicing a number of territories with different languages, it’s vital that you engage with customers in their native language. Otherwise how will you get them to convert?

When it comes to your digital display advertising that means you’ll need to have the same ad in multiple languages AND you need to make sure that the right ad is served to the right users, at the right time. Dynamic Ad creative is the way to go.

8. A/B test your checkout process

Colours, buttons, words and images all play their part when it comes to encouraging customers to buy. Central to your strategy should be finding out what works for your users and optimising the process to drive as many conversions as possible.

An eCommerce marketing plan without any A/B testing is simply hit and hope. Run tests throughout the checkout process to understand where people abandon their carts or why they might find it difficult to pay you. It was only one change that decreased the cart abandonment rate by 50% at Asos.

9. Consider a loyalty program

On average, loyal customers are worth 10x more in the long run than the value of their first purchase. Whilst customers that make a big one time spend might be good for your sales figures at that precise moment, loyal customers will be the lifeblood of your business.

Consider sending out discount codes with first orders to promote return business, or incentivise customers to refer to their friends.

Remember, a well-thought out loyalty programme will bring customers back to a website and will make them feel appreciated for spending their money with you. It’s a win, win.

10. View your digital display ads as an extension of your brand

89% of consumers are willing to switch to a competitor due to poor customer experience. That means that all of your consumer touchpoints need to be on brand, reflect the values of your business, and be in your brand tone of voice.

Too many eCommerce retailers do everything right when it comes to product Retargeting, brand awareness campaigns and targeted digital display campaigns, but they fall down on the execution of their ads. Their call to action might be confusing, the images might not best show the products or the ads themselves don’t represent their brand in the best possible way. When customer experience is so crucial for brand loyalty, your digital display ads simply have to showcase and illustrate everything that’s good about your brand and products.

Opt for award-winning, beautifully designed, mobile optimised and cost-effective digital display ads.

See how Fluid Ads can improve advertising performance for your eCommerce business and catch up on Series 3 five essential marketing tips for eCommerce.

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