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Marketing In-house trend: continue to provide value to your clients

“We’re bringing this element of marketing in-house”. These are the words no agency wants to hear from one of their top clients. Unfortunately it’s something more and more agencies are hearing with increased frequency.

In-housing is a very real thing and it’s becoming problematic for many media agencies. But it doesn’t need to be the end of the relationship. Those agencies that can evolve and continue to provide value to their clients in the face of in-housing will always survive. 

Here are four ways your agency can still thrive.

1.Become the go-to or lead agency

One of the biggest reasons brands decide to bring various channels of media marketing in-house is a lack of transparency and agility from their agencies. With multiple agencies working on the same account, it can be difficult to execute campaigns quickly and make up-to-the-second tweaks and changes to campaigns once live.

Bringing marketing in-house therefore makes sense. Why would they work with a range of agencies when they can do it themselves?

Well many brands are still willing to work with one lead-agency that understands them and can promise campaign execution from start to finish.

When it comes to digital display advertising, an agency that can build, flight and report on ads is extremely desirable. The brand will have one point of contact for all aspects of their campaigns, meaning every element is clear and transparent. If you can provide changes to live campaigns you can guarantee enhanced performance, that’s the agility your clients are looking for.

2.Look at what marketing elements they are bringing in-house and complement it

Programmatic advertising is one thing that many brands are considering to bring in-house. One in five marketers have already done so and half have started the process. It’s crucial as a media agency to look at the ways to complement this.

If they’re bringing this in-house it suggests a desire to trim budgets. It also suggests a need for quick campaign execution.

Assist with both, by creating ads quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively you can ensure efficient campaign execution turnaround times. The brand will still retain control over ad-buying and will trim their budgets by losing the need to source expensive ad creative. You’re still right there in the mix though.

3.Act as a consultant and help solve their business challenges

Sometimes agencies can be slow to adapt to the changing needs of their clients. Too often channels are viewed in isolation without an overarching vision for the wider business.

Brands are interested in how they can be better and more efficient businesses and how best to engage with their consumers. They want their marketing channels to work in synergy to achieve these objectives and appreciate advice from specialists on how best to do it.

Listen to your clients’ needs and solve their problems, whether feed ads to increase operational efficiency, ad creation to lighten the load on their creative team or integrating digital advertising with their existing systems.

If your agency understands the individual needs of your client’s business and continues to solve them, the relationship will continue.

4.Offer the right insights to drive the performance of their digital advertising

One of the biggest challenges for brands is to engage with their potential customers in the best possible way.

The modern day consumer is demanding. They require a consistent customer experience from brands and have no issue with switching from one to another due to the former not catering to their needs.

Personalisation is key. Digital display ads that are relevant and tailored to the needs of the individual are essential, but this can only be delivered if the brand has a detailed understanding of their consumer.
This is the value you can provide as an agency by detailing how types of deal, offers or creative resonate with key audiences through advanced insights reporting. This data ensures strategic decisions can be made to tailor their upcoming campaigns and their wider advertising strategies to specific audience groups.

At Fluid Ads we work with a range of media agencies to ensure they can service their clients in a way that always makes a difference to their individual businesses.

Get in touch today to ensure you can continue to offer value to your clients.

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