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John Robinson appointed Managing Director, Fluid Ads

Leading digital display technology provider Fluid Ads is delighted to announce the appointment of John Robinson as Managing Director

John Robinson has 25 years’ experience working in the tech industry with roles as a Solutions Architect, Business Strategy Consultant, Board Director and Business Development Director. Most recently he headed up the Futures Contracts Programme as a Solutions Architect for the Scottish Government.

Prior to that he held similar roles with FirstCall Home Assist and CPW Leasing and was CRM Director at Organised Feedback.

He has responsibility for leading and developing the Fluid Ads offering to continue to provide innovative and efficient solutions for brands and businesses to activate their digital display campaigns.

The Fluid Ads Creative Intelligence Platform offers an end to end solution for advertisers to manage their display and social campaigns and enhance the performance of their digital marketing.

Fluid Ads have created a cloud-based WYSIWYG interface that optimises the effort required when creating adverts of different sizes.  In addition, the UI removes the need for technical knowledge, even when making technically challenging retargeting or dynamic feed based adverts.  

Any adverts designed within the platform are able to adjust their design to meet the requirements of the specific website placement and are optimised for the device on which they are displayed. Geofencing and location-specific advertising content is fully supported, all designed to operate worldwide without the user needing to worry about advert delivery performance.

The platform has the capability to build HTML5 ads in minutes, to target and retarget dynamic ads to key audiences, format them across multiple devices and platforms, and update them in real time changing the creative to engage directly with the audience based on their location, interests or other factors such as weather. Users of the platform have access to the data and intelligence to continue to refine their digital display campaigns.

George Dann, CEO of Fluid Ads said: “We are delighted to promote John to Managing Director for Fluid Ads. Through his vast previous experiences as a Solutions Architect, Business Development Director and Board Director we know we’ve got someone with the strategic thinking, vision and boundless energy to shape and drive our ambitious growth plans and continue to develop Fluid Ads advertising technology for thought leading customers around the world.”

John added: “Fluid Ads continue to innovate and revolutionise how brands and businesses run their digital display advertising. The knowledge and expertise that exists within the business ensures that market-leading solutions continue to be created to enhance the effectiveness and performance of display. I feel privileged to be a part of the growth of this business.”

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