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Why it’s essential to keep your job vacancy ads up-to-date

More than 50% of people who are currently employed are considering a new job so it's essential you keep your job vacancy ads up-to-date. They may be actively looking or simply reviewing their options

Either way, that presents a great opportunity as a recruiter to fill your vacancies. With so much of the search beginning online, digital display should be one of your primary channels to get your job postings out there.

You have a number of different ways to engage with your audience, whether retargeting candidates who have looked at previous roles, using geotargeting to reach job seekers in a specific location, or by creating dynamic ads that catch the eye and stand out from your competition.

But, just make sure you do one thing. Always keep your ads up-to-date.

Here’s why.

Retaining candidates

Let’s have a look at the stats. When it comes to applications, 58% of candidates who had a negative experience with a company’s recruitment process wouldn’t apply again.

Now if you’re a recruiter, you’re likely to be providing a number of candidates to your client for prospective roles. That means that for those that don’t get the job, they’ll still be in the market for a new role. And if you give them a good experience from start to finish with you, they’ll likely keep with you, trusting you to find them their perfect job. If their first interaction with you is through an ad with an out of date vacancy, then you’ll lose the chance of building this relationship from the very beginning.

You won’t achieve your advertising objectives

You’ll likely have a number of clients on your books that come to you whenever they require new candidates for their open roles.

That’s not necessarily your biggest challenge, as a top priority for 41% of recruitment agencies is candidate acquisition. If you’ve let the standard of your ads slip and continue to provide out of date ads, there’s no chance you’ll secure those essential new candidates. Looks like they’ll be going to your competitors.

It’s unlikely you’ll retain your clients

In the US, 73% of employers are having a difficult time finding skilled candidates. If there’s a talent shortage, employers will be turning to you to solve their problems.

However, if you’re not generating new candidates you won’t cater to their core need. If you can no longer perform your function, it will be no surprise to see your clients looking elsewhere.

Consider your Return On Investment (ROI)

If you’re investing in digital display advertising but neglecting to keep your ads up-to-date with live roles, you may secure click-throughs initially, but it will do nothing for your conversions – which will always be the end goal for any campaign. That means it’s simply a wasted investment, with very little in terms of ROI to show for it.

When putting budget behind digital advertising, you need to get it right to ensure you can maximise the performance of your campaigns.

The success of your digital advertising strategy hinges on ensuring your ads update in real time in line with any changes to your live and open roles. Feed ads provide you with a simple, cost-effective and high-performing solution to do exactly that, with essential automation.

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