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Innovative digital partnership sees charity brands increase donations and benefit from an ROI of 200%

National Fundraising Management increases donations and boost charity performance across 3 brands through digital ad fundraising with an ROI of 200%.

Wheels for Wishes, Vehicles for Veterans and Animal Car Donation are brands registered and run by the National Fundraising Management. They are a charity founded in 2009 which benefits Make-A-Wish chapters in various locations throughout the United States.

Each programme is a successful turnkey car donation program in the United States. The organisation’s activities involve significant, effective, and ongoing advertising campaigns, state of the art analytics software, quality customer service staff, reliable vehicle pick-up services, and multiple vehicle resale avenues.

Earlier in 2021, with online exposure peaking at an all-time high, the team behind the Wheels for Wishes brand were looking to see how they could take advantage through digital advertising and grow charity performance through brand awareness and donations.

Fluid Ads, digital advertising experts with a self-serve solution were shortlisted as the chosen partner by Wheels for Wishes to increase awareness and donations through managed digital advertising campaigns.

The Fluid Ads team built the Ad creatives around the organisation’s activities and implemented intelligent targeting tactics such as contextual, keyword search, retargeting and defined audiences. Paying particular focus on targeting, allowed the ads to be seen by a super-targeted and quality audience which were much more likely to convert and boost donations.

The initial trial ad campaign was a success for Wheels for Wishes and brought 98 donations with a ROI of 123%. With this success in mind, Wheels for Wishes sought Fluid Ads to run a trial campaign for their sister brand Vehicle for Veterans which resulted in a further 156 donations and an ROI of 170%. Fluid Ads contribute 43% of Wheels for Wishes total traffic and 66% of Vehicle for Veterans total traffic.

Finally, when planning the launch of their new brand Animal Car Donation in October, Fluid Ads were again chosen to help deliver the campaign strategy with early signs being very encouraging.

Liza Heiligman, Director at Wheels for Wishes concluded “We’re really pleased with the success we’ve achieved through Fluid Ads, for every $1 spent we got $3 back. To receive over a 1% response on display is unheard of and with fantastic ROI results we look forward to continuing our relationship and exploring the possibility with our other brands”.

Richard Duxbury, Commercial Director at Fluid Ads commented “Fluid Ads have delivered impactful campaigns that have driven the desired outcomes for our client and established a solid partnership. This mirrors the experience we have had with our other charity customers and we see this sector as a key focus in 2022 as digital adoption becomes the norm. Being able to support organisations that do amazing work to help others is very rewarding for us at Fluid Ads.”

Internet users have increased by more than a quarter of a billion since 2020. That’s 4.80billion+ users which translates to more than 61% of the population. Many charities are struggling with digital adoption and choosing the most effective channels and strategies to help identify the right prospective audiences to enhance fundraising efforts. Having the right digital marketing tactics is vital for any organisation and online advertising gives a reach like no other.

To read the full case study click here.

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