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How will 5G impact digital advertising?

5G is here. Most of the major mobile networks in the UK are now offering and heavily advertising 5G to consumers. So is the revolution finally upon us and what does this mean for digital marketers?

It might seem like business as usual at the moment but this is just the beginning. 5G has the potential to revolutionise the digital advertising industry and here are 5 ways we think it will have an impact.

1. Faster load speeds

Load speeds on mobile have often been an issue for consumers. All of this is set to go out the window with the onset of 5G.

Increased speeds on mobile devices enhances the user experience and dramatically increases the opportunities for advertising.

Whether games, apps, or web pages for example, the chance to get in front of users on their mobile devices is only set to grow. The challenge is how to stand out from the competition.

2. Time for Voice

Voice search has been on the agenda for a long time now, but with 5G here it really will start to become ubiquitous. The use of voice assistants in the home is on the rise and with the possibilities of 5G, these voice assistants will quickly become mobile, travelling everywhere with users.

While the optimisation of websites is having to become more tailored towards voice search, mobile advertising will also have to adapt and evolve to cater for the increase of voice conversations.

3. Personalisation taken to the next level

One of the benefits of 5G is the ability to connect to a range of regularly used devices, whether smart fridges, home voice assistants or mobile phones.

By bringing these devices together the levels of data that can be collected will be huge and will give a much more detailed picture of an individual consumer’s needs in real-time, whether their food is running low, they need to restock a certain product in the kitchen, or they are planning a new holiday. With a more precise view of an individual user comes a real opportunity to increase personalisation in digital advertising.

4. It’s all about the interactive ads

With faster page speeds, it isn’t just the opportunities to advertise that will be increased. The ads themselves will become much more sophisticated.

While in some instances mobile ads don’t always compare to their desktop equivalents, the opportunities around 5G will ensure the likes of video ads, interactive illustrations and high resolution ads will become commonplace.

5. Changing the traditional ad architectures

It isn’t just mobile devices and smart devices in the home that will be revolutionised with the onset of 5G. The way advertisers engage with potential users may well completely change.

Take the example of driving. Currently advertising is limited to audio and the more traditional format of radio. As 5G gives cars access to the highest end of computing intelligence it will make self-driving cars much more likely. Suddenly travelling in your car is almost like sitting in your living room – the opportunities for advertisers to engage with users in their cars will move from one channel to an endless stream of options.

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