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How to focus on your brand in your product marketing strategy

When it comes to product marketing, there are so many things you need to get right.

Your Retargeting campaigns need to be tailored, super-relevant and immediate. Whether users viewed a product or left it in their basket (more than seven out of 10 users will do this), your retargeted ad needs to include that exact product. That’s how you guide them through to conversion.
Automation, through In-feed ads, is essential to keep everything up to date so that your users never click on an outdated ad.
Do that and you’ll secure more click-throughs, higher conversions, more sales and enjoy a better ROI for your digital display campaigns, right? Not always.

The importance of your brand

Consider this statement.

“Consumers are willing to pay more to buy from brands that they know, based on the belief that brands deliver long sought benefits.”

That means that users are more likely to buy from a brand that they recognise. They will also spend more money in doing so.
So, why does this matter when it comes to your product marketing? Surely the products speak for themselves? Unfortunately that’s not always the case.

Creating a consistent customer experience

The vast majority of consumers will switch between brands due to one brand not providing them with the right customer experience. In fact, it’s as high as 89% of consumers that will stop buying from a brand where they have had a poor experience.

A poor customer experience could occur at multiple touchpoints. It could be in interactions with your customer service agents, receiving an email with the wrong name, being served with an out of date ad, or through an ad that is so poorly designed that it is unrecognisable from the brand’s other customer touchpoints.

The latter is a common trap many retailers fall into when it comes to their product marketing strategies. They do everything they can to ensure their ads are up to date and that they include products tailored to the needs of the users, but then do nothing to make sure the ad best showcases their brand.

They’re falling at the final hurdle and ignoring the importance of brand for consumers. These businesses will suffer from poor click-through rates, a lack of conversions and will be wasting budget on low-performing digital display campaigns. This will do little for their ROI.

Building on brand ads

You might think that to create ads that are exactly in line with your brand you’ll need to spend significantly on expensive and time-consuming creative. Or your internal team will be backed up with tweaking and reformatting multiple variations of the same ads.

That doesn’t have to be the case.

The Fluid Ads Ad Builder enables you to build beautiful and award-winning, feature rich, multi-shape, multi-device HTML5 digital display ads in minutes. Due to the simple and intuitive functionality of the Ad Builder, anyone within your team will be able to build your ads. There’s no need for years of design experience or to rely on expensive design resource.

That’s how you create cost effective and high-performing ads that your users will love, through a simple, straightforward and quick process.

By integrating Fluid Ads with your e-commerce platform you can enjoy all the benefits of Retargeting, In-feed ads and contextual targeting to ensure your product marketing strategy is always up to scratch. Combining these techniques with the capabilities of the Ad Builder means that your customers will always be provided with the best possible customer experience with on-brand ads that are tailored to their needs.

To learn more about how Fluid Ads can improve advertising performance for your e-commerce business, get in touch with us today.

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