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How Media agencies can keep up with the changing requirements of clients

Client demands are nothing new for media agencies. It comes with the territory, right? However, the unprecedented circumstances of 2020 and the ongoing unpredictable landscape has put added pressure on many brands and businesses.

In many instances, when clients face pressure this is then transferred to their agencies – we’re talking demands for more performance with less budget in a lot of cases. So, how can agencies thrive? By solving their clients’ biggest challenges.

Client challenge 1: Budget cuts

Many CMOs are dealing with budget cuts, which potentially means smaller teams and less personnel client side as well as decreased budgets to spend with their agencies. However, performance gains are not being compromised.

For agencies this means providing solutions to offer better performance without wasting budget unnecessarily. A cost effective solution to build high quality and high performing digital display ads at scale without the need to rely on an expensive creative agency or internal resources is just the start. In turn, helping them connect their inventory to their ads through Feed Ads also cuts down on the need to rely on the internal admin resource client side.

As the new normality slowly returns, will budgets return?

Client challenge 2: Learning about their customers

With more and more customers being pushed online in the face of on and off lockdowns with enforced closures of non-essential retail, we’ve seen key shifts and accelerations in consumer behaviour in the last 12-18 months.

The key for brands is to understand as much as possible about their customers, meaning media agencies are facing increased pressure for campaign reporting to provide actionable insight that can impact wider marketing strategies. This rings especially true as many marketeers and businesses have short-term strategies to allow agility around the ever-changing modus operandi. By providing your clients with a tailored reporting solution you can solve one of their biggest challenges and help them learn more about their customers.

Client challenge 3: Putting the customer at the centre

Consumers are becoming increasingly demanding in their desire for seamless, tailored and personalised customer experiences. It’s never been more important for brands to provide this, in turn making this capability essential for agencies.

How are you helping clients with their retargeting strategies? Is your approach to cart abandonment consistent and product-focused? Can you ensure that their digital ads are multi-channel and multi-device? Are you providing them with multi-click ads that offer their customers multiple options to interact with the brand? Finally, are you helping them to build ads that are on-brand and able to cut through the noise online? If you are, you’re well on the way to building successful strategies for your clients no matter whether the objective is brand awareness or sales.

Client challenge 4: Strengthening omnichannel strategies

With non-essential retail, restaurants and nightlife open again in the UK, many agencies will be tasked with blending the offline and online experience to give their customers new ways of engaging with their brand in 2021.

So, how are you going to approach this challenge? We know offering your clients access to market-leading technology like geofencing advertising can help them engage with their users on their mobile devices when they enter specific locations as well as continuing the narrative online for a defined period of time afterwards. Enhancing consumer experience is crucial in gaining and keeping new business and these types of tactics will also help your clients to collate more data around customer behaviour that can be fed into both their online and offline strategies.

Client challenge 5: Brand awareness

Brand messaging and values are becoming increasingly important. In the wake of the pandemic, many consumers looked to how brands acted and the values they showcased. This means that many agencies will be tasked with helping their clients boost brand awareness to illustrate their values and what they stand for. Often with specific messaging on a local level. This is easily made possible through geotargeting.

This approach helps to target a defined demographic of users in a specific geographic area. You have the ability to set the geographic parameters and only target certain users. It’s all about getting a tailored message out to exactly the people you want to see it. This ticks both the brand awareness and budget box.

These are just some of the solutions you can look into for demanding clients. The Fluid Ads platform can offer agencies a wide range of opportunities. From in-housing the Fluid Ads technology into their business or through a fully managed service depending on the requirements.

With the right approach to digital advertising and access to the right technology, agencies can help their demanding clients grow, thrive and succeed in 2021. Contact us today to learn how

Fluid Ads can help you enhance your digital advertising capabilities to stay ahead of the competition.

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