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How agencies can scale up to provide ongoing value to clients

As an agency, what’s your approach to upselling to your existing clients? Do you provide solutions that they need based on strategic insight about their business or simply cross-sell on the existing services and products you offer? It’s surprising how many agencies fall into the latter, selling services because it’s what they do. 

But when you investigate how to enhance your current capabilities, it always needs to be done with one core focus in mind: How do you provide additional value to your clients?

The importance of changing things up

Agencies are facing a number of challenges. There’s always been the issue of multiple agencies working with the same client. When budget comes into play, competition is rife. 

Suddenly, the PR agency and SEO agency both do content and are vying for the content marketing budget. The Media agency is upping its digital capabilities and is getting into programmatic with its own trading desk, and the creative agency is still syphoning off budget for expensive creative. 

And that’s before you get into the brand themselves wanting to inhouse. 

It’s therefore crucial for agencies to scale up their operations with additional services, but in a way that adds essential value to the client. Do that and you’ll cement your relationship and get ahead in the race for the all-important budget. 

Here’s how. 

Use their budget in the best way  

Budgets will always be tight and while global digital ad spending is set to hit $300billion this year, your clients will be looking to cut costs in other areas to ensure that they can maximise the spend that goes towards the execution of their digital campaigns. 

The Fluid Ads Solution: By creating your client’s digital display ads through the Fluid Ads Ad Builder, you immediately remove the need for them to source expensive ad creative. The fact that beautiful, feature-rich, multi-format, multi-shape HTML5 ads will be created in minutes at a fraction of the cost, will enable them to refocus their spend towards buying more media. 

You’re also enhancing their efficiency by removing the need to reformat into multiple-shapes and sizes, and ensuring ads can be created, flighted and live much quicker. 

Access to the latest tech

Being the lead agency with your clients is all about understanding their needs and providing them with a solution that addresses them. 

It’s your job to understand the business issues they face and tailor your products and services to the bespoke requirements of your client. 

The Fluid Ads Solution: Through the capabilities of the Fluid Ads platform you’ll have the ability to solve the ongoing issues your clients face through simple and intuitive tech. Does your client have issues with keeping their ads up to date in line with their ever-changing inventory? Feeds ads will revolutionise how they operate on a daily basis. Are they struggling with driving footfall into one of their physical locations and don’t understand how digital advertising can assist with this? Give them the help they need through geo fencing

Too many agencies will shout about new tech, not many will frame it as a way to solve existing problems for their clients. 

Identify the users that bring the most value to their business

Every client will have an idea of their target users and customer demographics, but in too many instances this will be based on preconceptions they have as a brand and little in the way of hard facts and data. 

By helping your clients to understand exactly who they should be targeting and the value that these users have to their business, you’ll assist them with making key strategic decisions across the whole channel mix. 

The Fluid Ads Solution: Through our Advanced Insights Reporting, you will report on everything for your clients. They’ll have up to the second live reporting on their current digital display campaigns ensuring tweaks can be made in real time to enhance performance. 

And by reporting on everything you’ll ensure that they have the intelligence to understand the demographics that engage with their ads, which audiences convert and the creatives that perform. It’s this business intelligence that gives them the value to impact all areas of their advertising strategies for the short and long-term. 

The tools to precisely target their users

You’ve offered the insight to understand the users that have the most value for their business, the next stage is to ensure that you’re the agency that helps them target these users with precision. 

The Fluid Ads Solution: Whether through the use of dynamic creatives, retargeting, geo-targeting or geo fencing you provide your clients with the opportunity to engage with their audiences that matter in the right way at the right time. And with more tailored and relevant ads, comes increased ad performance. 

By partnering with Fluid Ads you have the capability to upscale your product offering in a way that will revolutionise your clients’ digital display advertising. Book a demo today to learn more or see how Fluid Ads helped agency Drako Media with client retention.  

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