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Health in Justice campaign nominated for two awards

We're buzzing here at Fluid Ads HQ - our Health in Justice campaign for PPG, has been short-listed for 2 industry awards - here's the key insights you need:

Fluid Ads & Practice Plus Group – Health in Justice Campaign

Short-listed for Campaign Effectiveness Award and Best Paid Media Campaign

Campaign Objective

Practice Plus Group (PPG) had a range of job vacancies that they were trying to fill in prisons in 11 different regions across the UK. Amongst them, there were hard to fill roles, such as Pharmaceutical and Mental Health positions.

They needed to find suitable and quality candidates for as many of these roles as possible, with a minimum 80% success rate as the key objective. Success was determined by quality applications.

The other key objective was brand awareness. It might not be the right time for some people, but when they do start to look for a job, we wanted to make sure we increased the chance of them looking at PPG. This was viewed as a long term campaign with a steady increase in results.


The target market was clearly healthcare workers. What made it slightly more challenging was that there is real competition within healthcare for good quality people.

We knew we had to focus on the passive audience. We had to do more than advertise to people who were already actively looking for jobs. We needed to get on the radar of people who weren’t actively looking. Not only was this important for brand awareness, but these people might be convinced to change roles if the right opportunity came along.

We chose to use Geofencing, Contextual Targeting, Retargeting and a Keyword Campaign. This gave us the perfect balance of capturing an active and passive audience.

  • Geotargeting – we targeted a range of locations including hospitals, doctors surgeries, prisons and police stations – anywhere there was a high percentage of nursing staff that may choose a job in a prison setting. We were able to be incredibly accurate with this using our geofencing software.
  • Contextual Targeting – we served the ads to relevant articles in real-time, ensuring that users who were reading about working in a health in justice environment were served an ad.
  • Retargeting – serving ads to customers who had visited the application pages. These could either be off the back of an advert or through organic means. 
  • Keyword Campaign – we served display ads to users who had been actively searching related keywords. This could be in a search engine or across the web. Once a user entered the “audience” by having searched for a relevant word, they could then be served an ad.

Whilst the strategy was clear, we then had to factor in the challenges that we faced:

  1. Every geographical area has a unique population make-up. Quickly appreciating these nuances, we tailored the campaign to appeal to those living/working locally.
  2. Similarly, the degree of the local competition was a major factor in building each campaign. In this instance, a high volume of similar companies locally was a positive, providing more choice of candidates to approach.
  3. When to advertise: initially we thought logically about when people were most likely to engage. However, once live, the data provided insight into when people were actually responding, allowing us to optimise campaigns over time.
  4. Delivering high application numbers was not sufficient for PPG. The quality was equally important. We had to make it clear through the copy/landing page that applicants would only be considered if they met certain criteria.
  5. Once word got out about the success of these campaigns, a number of other departments requested we support them with their recruitment. We developed a standard approach to campaign build, whilst allowing room to apply local elements.
  6. Monitoring the analytics constantly in order to optimise proved particularly challenging. Whilst normal KPI metrics such as impressions and CTRs gave an excellent indication of interest, they didn’t necessarily drive conversions. Sometimes the lower volume campaigns offered a better ROI due to the niche targeting. This meant careful analysis was needed to ensure we were not driving optimisation towards the wrong KPI.
  7. Each prison also had its own reputation which influenced the effectiveness of a campaign. Some prisons are more desirable to work at, which ultimately lead to a greater response. Others, often the higher security prisons, had less success as candidates found it less appealing to work there.


The Health in Justice campaigns to date have served over 40 million impressions to suitable candidates across 11 locations, achieving the brand awareness objective. From this, 150K people accessed the application page, and PPG received 100s of high quality applications that met their criteria. We are still collating the final figures, but it has surpassed what they expected.

The results set this campaign apart. The feedback has been incredibly positive, with our client saying:

“We are championing it when finding new methods of attraction for our sites, and have had fantastic outcomes for hiring roles that we find more challenging. Over the time of using Fluid Ads for one of our regions, we have moved from having minimal applications to hundreds of good quality applications.”

Our knowledge of their business, combined with our tech platform capability, has meant we have been able to get their message in front of those people who are most likely to respond positively.


George, Fluid Ads CEO comments

“This Team means the world to me. Nothing has been handed on a plate. We had to adapt to survive and thrive through lockdown. Everyone dug in, everyone had the unified mantra to deliver the best value and service for our customers. I’m incredibly proud of the team for being selected as finalists for the UK Agency Award for Campaign Effectiveness. It affirms our unwavering commitment to excellence, the fine details and our ability to design bespoke advertising campaigns that connect with the right individuals and inspire them to take action. It would be a fantastic reward to get this well regarded Award recognition from the industry.”

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