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Fluid Ads is attending MAD//Fest in 2021

MAD//Fest is where marketing, advertising and disruptive tech leaders come together to fix industry issues, pitch visionary ideas and hack innovative solutions to brand challenges.

There’s no doubt about it, 2020 and 2021 have looked a little different across the marketing and advertising industry. The uncertainty from COVID-19 has caused advertisers to change tact and adopt new approaches to engage with an increasingly demanding online consumer, while often facing budget cuts.

Innovation and the right use of technology are therefore so important in today’s landscape – two things which we hold close to our hearts at Fluid Ads.

So, as the marketing industry embraces new realities, trends, technology, behaviour, work environments and economic conditions, it’s essential to look forward. The changes made today are what will revolutionise marketing, kickstart growth and help to create a thriving future across the industry.

This is at the heart of the discussion at MAD//Anywhere and the main event MAD//Fest 7-8th July. MAD//Fest Anywhere is a virtual event which brings together global leaders to share strategies, investment priorities, creative visions, emerging tech and innovative solutions to push the industry forward. Forward is the theme of the event.

Fluid Ads were thrilled to have been shortlisted from hundreds of submissions to pitch to AB InBev to address their challenge alongside 5 other businesses. AB InBev were looking for a technology partner that could help boost its D2C channels and acquire customers more efficiently. The pitches take place 11th March live at the event to Rafeal Gandra, Global Innovation Manager, Beer Garden, AB InBev.

As sponsors at MAD//Fest you can find Fluid Ads in the Brand Innovation Hall to discuss the best digital advertising tactics to drive businesses forward and what the next 12 months and beyond holds in store for the industry. Fluid Ads have been shortlisted to pitch to M&S on how they can turn social listening into commercial value on day 2 of the event.

Check out the agenda, it’s an event set to be packed with ideas, innovation and insight and we hope to see you there. We’ll be following up with updates and insights, from all the topics in the coming weeks.

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