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Feed Ads

Data Feed Ads enable you to create hundreds of ad variants within minutes. You can connect your digital display advertising to your ever-changing inventory and ensure your ads update in real time.

Our Creative Intelligence Platform gives you the power to reach the audiences that matter for your business. We make sure that the products your customers see are always up to date. We help make you more efficient and ensure your online marketing budget is always productive. Most importantly we’ll help you simplify your digital advertising strategy.

Increasing your accuracy with Feed Ads
Feed Ads makes your digital display activity accurate and relevant.

Whether you’re a travel company with 100s of ever-changing holiday images and offers, an automotive business with a huge amount of stock and various prices, a gambling company with constantly changing live odds, or a retail business with spreadsheets full of products, our platform takes your advertising potential to the next level.

We help you start making more profit and stop wasting time and budget in the wrong areas.

What are Feed Ads?
A Feed Ad pulls information from an external source and plugs it into specific elements in the ad design. It takes dynamic content from your inventory source feeding it into your display ads.

You only ever have to create one ad, which will update automatically to reflect changes to your stock, odds, or inventory. When anything changes, so does the content of your ads.

This means you only ever promote what is relevant and available.

What are the benefits of Feed Ads?
Feed Ads make your business more efficient and more productive, enabling you to promote up to the second offers in a rapidly changing world. The messaging or products that your customers see are always up to date and relevant for their needs, driving higher click-throughs and conversions.

Stop overspending on creatives, building multiple display ads to keep up to date with your stock and inventory. No longer will your ads quickly become out of date when your inventory changes.

You do the work once. You always engage with your customer. And your business benefits.

Key features and benefits:

Feed Ads with Fluid Ads
Within the Fluid Ads platform you can:

Building data-fed ads is much easier than you think

If you want to boost the efficiency of your digital display and enhance your online marketing strategy contact us today to learn more.

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